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10 Great Pinterest Travel Channels – Subscribe To Them All!


Pinterest is a perfect way to find and share travel information such as interesting or exotic destinations, fun things to do, places to eat, hotels to stay at and much more. In this article we look at exactly what Pinterest is and look at 10 great Pinterest travel channels.

What is Pinterest?
Jumping on the sharing theme pioneered by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a virtual pin board which allows you to organise and share the things you find on the internet. It is a great tool for creating mood boards, brainstorming or for putting a series of things you’ve found on the internet together. You can then share your boards with others. Alternatively you can search other people’s pin boards to find the things they like too.

Travel Inspiration (
Travel Inspiration is a Pinterest channel managed by the Post Office Travel Money. This channel is perfect for finding new holiday destinations as it is run by a company who aren’t trying to actually sell you a holiday experience. It is therefore very diverse. Amongst their boards is one simply called ‘Explore Your World’ which features eye-catching, colourful images of various places around the globe.

France Travel (
France Travel is another great Pinterest channel that looks at all things related to holidaying in France. Amongst their boards is one entitled ‘Paris’ which has an array of images of the capital and is perfect for creating a travel itinerary from.

Travel Dreams (
This channel includes a range of boards which are ideal for travellers to look at when planning their next holiday. The board entitled ‘where I’ve been’ shows some stunning photos that show destinations already been to whilst one entitled ‘where I’m going’ really gets the imagination going about future holidays.

Honeymoon Travel (
Honeymoon Travel is really well organised and allows people looking for a honeymoon destination to easily search for destinations and things to do as each board represents a different country. ‘Italy’ for example includes lots of images of luxurious hotels and can reduce the amount of time you spend searching the internet for the ideal place to stay. Simply find a hotel you like the look of and follow the link.

Travel Partner (
This is a diverse travel channel that not only has boards featuring places to travel, but also has boards relating to other topics too such as one for getting fit before a holiday.

BBC Travel (
The BBC Travel has a high number of followers, as you would expect from such a well known TV station. Their boards include one entitled ‘Where to go in January’ which features both hot and cold holiday destinations and one called ‘From 40,000 feet’ which features places as seen from airplanes.

Travel Tot (
Travel Tot is ideal for people planning to travel with children as it features boards which look at great destinations for families whilst also having boards for useful travel products and travel safety gear.

All Travel (
All Travel includes some great travel related boards including one entitled ‘lessons learned’ which looks at some things to do and not to do whilst travelling. Another board looks at essential travel must-haves.

Wedding Travel (
If you’re planning on honeymooning abroad than Wedding Travel is well worth a look. Their boards include one country per board and feature a series of different resorts to stay at in each country.

Thrifty Travel Mama (
This is another great one for people travelling with children as it features boards with special offers and packing tips as well as holiday destinations.

Image Credits: DrJohnBullas and idreamofdaylight.

With all these great boards to look through on Pinterest, you’ll soon have a list of holiday destinations and things to do as long as your arm. If you need a hire car during your vacation, why not consider using the Car Rentals Comparison Search Engine?

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