10 Smartphone Apps You Must Have When You Go Hiking


Sunny weather makes outdoor activities, such as hiking, hard to resist. Before you venture into the great outdoors, make sure you are prepared not only physically, but technologically. Here are some great smartphone apps that can make your hiking trip safer, better, and more enjoyable.

1. EveryTrail

If you are looking for a new trail to venture, this app is the perfect buddy for you. EveryTrail is a smartphone app that enables the user find new trails, connect with other hikers and plan new things to do. This app features over 400,000 trails around the world and it also features useful information such as directions, points of interests, and reviews.

2. U.S. Army Survival Guide

From the name alone, you know this application provides information on basic survival skills, such as, finding food, creating a shelter, identifying dangerous plants and animals, and much more. This app is based from a 1,400-page manual on military survival, hence the name Army Survival Guide.

3. MapMyHike

If you want to monitor your hiking status, this app is the one for you. The app features log treks, information on elevation, location and route. It can even monitor heart rate, pace, speed and calories burned.

4. Point de Vue

This app can provide hikers with information about surrounding mountains; it can give you information within a 125-mile radius. What makes the app special is it can still work under poor weather conditions.

5. Simply Hike

What’s the point of going outdoors without the proper gear? Simply Hike is an app that can help you choose the hiking gear that you need. This app allows you to shop directly online through your mobile phone. With this app, you can visit great shops such as, Moosejaw and Backcountry. Visiting these sites can also get you coupons such as Moosejaw coupon and Backcountry coupon.

6. GotoAID

Emergency situations happen, especially when you are outdoors; GotoAID is an app that can help hikers through emergency situations. The app provides information on how to deal with wounds, cuts, poisoning, sprains and strains, bites and burns and other emergencies. The app is not only useful for humans, but to friendly companions, such as dogs and cats.

7. ProCamera

Who wouldn’t want to take photographs of the beautiful scenery, while hiking? ProCamera is an app that helps you take good nature photographs. It also enables users edit the photos after they are taken.

8. My Nature Animal Tracks

This app allows hikers to identify animal footprints and droppings (applies for hikers in North America). The app provides clear images and illustrations that can be useful to identify animals that may pose a threat to the hikers.

9. Leafsnap

This app helps hikes identify tree species by taking their photographs. The app matches the photograph taken to photos in its library and gives significant information to the hiker regarding the species.

10. Mosquito Device

Hiking in the outdoors can leave hikers vulnerable to insect bites, particularly from mosquitoes. The Mosquito Device is a great app that helps keep mosquitoes away from humans; the app produces a high pitched sound (harmless to humans) that keeps mosquitoes away. It is generally harmless to adults but take extra precaution when small children are around.

Guest Author Bio

This post is written by Dr. Amarendra, the guest blogger. He likes to write on both technology as well as outdoor activities.

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