10 Tips To Increase Comments Number On Your Blog


If you don’t receive any comments on your content it is not because nobody likes it, probably you don’t have enough website traffic. First of all you need to solve this problem.

But if your blog has traffic already, we present you 10 tips for increasing the number of blog comments.

Ask your readers to leave comments

Well, you may encourage interaction by asking users for their opinion. You can finish your posts with questions like “What do you think about it?” or “Who do you think is right here?”

Answer these questions

Do not leave your users without answer making them fill along. Tell visitors about your thoughts. Try to give efficiently and detailed answerer to their question or attract somebody who can do it by asking leading questions.

Use WordPress threated comments options

It makes easy following and responding current conversations. You will receive e-mail notifications when replay is available.

Personal thank your users for their comments

You can always send “thank you” e-mail to your commenters or redirect them to a “thank you” page. It makes users fill needful and probably they will come back to leave one more comment.

Encourage commenters by posting strong, unconventional, different opinion

Leaving the own different opinion can be as a challenge to commenters. The most excited discussions have born this way. It will be interesting to adopt others practice and share your personal thoughts.

Post your comments on other relevant blogs

You may leave comments on other blogs with links to yours. This action might result in the other bloggers will notice your blog. Probably they’ll read the post to see what the article is about and why you linked to them.

“No Comments” underneath your post does not sound friendly

Open your comments.php file and edit it to something like “No comments yet, but your thoughts are welcome”. It sounds more inviting!

Let your website visitors subscribe to ongoing discussion and comments

You may use tools which allow your users to get e-mail notifications of new comments and check the box. Visitors can be informed immediately about aspects they are interested in.

Reward the most active commenters

Using plugins will help you linking to your top commenters in your blog sidebar or feature them in one of the upcoming posts. It encourages users to make more comments.

The most difficult is to wait for your first comment

First comment is like a sign to other users which shows that post is interesting. So visitors won’t be along in their conversation. Everything becomes easy.

The article was written and submitted by Andrew Smith, QArea company. QArea provides bespoke software development in different fields.

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