11 Essential Car Gadgets For Long Travels


If you’re getting ready for a long trip, the latest technology can help keep you safe and sane on your travels. These devices range from practical to fun, and they will make any trip more enjoyable.

1. Autonet Mobile

Take your Wi-Fi hotspot with you anytime you’re in the car. The Autonet Mobile plugs into any car’s cigarette lighter and provides a Wi-Fi signal as long as the car has power. You will need to sign up for a monthly service plan to access the Autonet 3G cellular service.

2. Tom Tom Go 720 GPS

The latest Tom Tom navigator is smaller, lighter and easier to use than previous versions. It includes a notepad users can access to alert everyone on the network of road closures or other problems. A menu lists the nearest hospitals, police stations, and other essential destinations you might need while on the road.

3. Econav

The Econav GPS system will get you where you want to go and help you travel in the most earth-friendly fashion possible. The device alerts you when you accelerate too quickly or when it would be most efficient to shift gears. Routes are designed to be more efficient, which could save you money on fuel.

4. Vizualogic A-2000 All-In-One Headrest

All you have to do is remove your old headrest and slide this one into its place for an easily installed DVD headrest unit. The DVD loads from the side, and the display is large enough for anyone in the back seat to see comfortably.

5. Sat-Go from DirecTV

If you would rather watch live TV, you can buy a small suitcase satellite television from DirecTV. The Sat-Go picks up a DirecTV signal and displays all your favorite shows everywhere you travel.

6. Tag Flash Frame

Communicate directly with other drivers with this entertaining gadget. Type a message into the remote control, and your tag frame will display the message in LED lights for everyone behind you to enjoy.

7. CarMD

Plug the CarMD into your car’s computer, and it will tell you exactly why the check engine light has been blinking for the past half hour. This gadget can help you figure out the correct claim to file with your broad form insurance policy if the problem involves covered equipment.

8. Power Inverter

This handy tool plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. It converts the power to allow the use of a wide range of electronic plugs.

9. FM Band Modulator

Never suffer between radio signals again. Plug the modulator into your cigarette lighter, and it will locate a clear radio band that you can set up to play music from any hand-held device.

10. Valentine One Radar Detector

This device will scan ahead and behind to let you know where police units are located. wants to remind you that speeding is dangerous. The reason to watch for speed traps is to avoid accidents from speeders who suddenly brake when they find speed traps.

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