3 Factors to Determine if you should outsource your Web Marketing


Business is a complex machine full of different moving parts. From the name to the colors to shipping method, everything you choose affects your success. If you are a business owner you know the parts required in order for your company to run smoothly. One of the most important parts of the business machine is marketing. Even more importantly is web marketing. With proper web marketing your company can be a success in less time than your local marketing can offer.

However, like your company, web marketing also has a lot of parts that make up a successful marketing strategy. If you are just starting your web marketing, you may want to consider outsourcing to a marketing firm. Here are 5 factors that may help you decide if it will be beneficial to seek outside assistance for your web marketing.


There is a lot involved with properly marketing a site and creating your web presence. For many this can be overwhelming or even confusing. There are a lot of sources on line that can teach you how to market your site, SEO tips and what not to do while creating and maintaining your website. If you don’t have the technical knowledge required to learn these skills, you may benefit from outsourcing your marketing.


With all that is involved with marketing, there is a lot of time that needs to be dedicated. If you find yourself busy with other aspects of your business, you may have trouble dedicating that time. By hiring a marketing firm, you are able to concentrate on the part of your business that requires your attention. Stopping or slowing your productivity to market your site will only harm your company more than it will help it.


There are many costs that come with running a business. From supplies to shipping, everything seems to cost money. If you are a small company, you may be limited on funds. This will be a major factor in your decision for marketing your own site or hiring a professional. Even though marketing your site properly will make you more money in the long run, you need to determine if you can cover the initial costs. If you have the funds available, outsourcing may prove beneficial. If your company budget is too tight to allow for the cost, you may want to look into learning the marketing yourself.

Marketing can be a time intensive aspect of business. If you are attempting it on your own, you may find it a challenge to juggle with your busy schedule. If you decide to hire a professional to help with your marketing may also find that beneficial. Take the time to determine your best option and make your online presence stronger.

Martin Hines is a Seattle WordPress Developer and writer, offering advice for those looking to start a website.

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