3 Modern Tools Used Against Shoplifters


Shoplifters come in all forms and sizes. They can be prepubescent kids, teenagers, grown-ups, and even old people. The gravest concern is regarding children who shoplift. Most of the time, they think that shoplifting is not serious; that it’s just a harmless prank that gives them an adrenalin rush. But in fact, business establishments and the authorities take shoplifting very seriously. It is a form of stealing, and anyone who is guilty will be punished either by incarceration or imposed fines, or both. The saddest part is that when children shoplift and they get caught, they’ll obtain permanent criminal records. They could also be sent to juvenile facilities. Any punishment because of shoplifting, or even the humiliation of both the young shoplifter and his parents, will have a huge impact on that young person’s future.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to discuss shoplifting and other unlawful activities with our youngsters. We should make them understand that what could be just a prank to them could cost them their future. Furthermore, they can easily get caught shoplifting as there are now more advanced anti-shoplifting gadgets. Here are some examples.

1. CCTV or Surveillance Camera

The most common tool used in deterring shoplifters is the surveillance camera. Some use CCTV cameras that stream live footage, and footage can also be recorded. No one wants to have their faces taped, so places with cameras are often avoided. But there are still others who are overly confident about shoplifting in stores equipped with cameras. They proceed to areas with “blind spots” or areas that cameras can’t reach. However, store security and most employees know of this tactic. So, they often keep a close watch on blind spots.

2. Tracking Program

A lot of thieves go for electronic gadgets. They may want iPods, iPhones, cameras, or laptops for themselves; they just don’t have the cash to buy such things. But others take these devices because these can be sold easily and at a high price. Those who plan on shoplifting these types of gadgets should really think twice and think hard. Why? This is because most stores now equip electronic equipment with tracking software. If a person takes, say, a phone with a tracking program, the authorities can readily activate the program. Once activated, it’ll be simple for them to get details about the phone number that’s currently being used with the stolen item, as well as the location of the device, especially if it has GPS. Other tracking software allows store owners or managers to lock a device remotely.

3. Electronic Article Surveillance

Gadgets used for electronic article surveillance are commonly known as security tags or checkpoint tags. These are attached to articles of clothing, toys, and other goods or products. There are different types of EAS equipment. Two examples are the magnetic tags and the radio-frequency tags. When a tagged item is bought, the employee will remove the tag using a special tool that easily detaches the tag. If a tagged item is shoplifted, it could alert the shop’s security and employees by triggering silent or loud alarms.

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Claire Duvall writes for a number of renowned lawyers, including MA Attorney Elliot Savitz. Mr. Savitz provides assistance to those involved in criminal cases, including distribution of drugs, assault and battery, as well as shoplifting.

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