3 Things To Do With CCTV Cameras


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  1. Home Security

Of course, the most common use of CCTV kits is in home security. You have two options here – you can either buy fake CCTV cameras, which are designed to look like the real thing but do not actually record, or you can buy proper security cameras.

Fake cameras are undoubtedly cheaper and will deter many burglars and vandals when placed prominently, but in the cases where you are burgled anyway you will probably be wishing that you had some footage of the criminals to show to the police, so that they could be caught. Spending a little more on good security cameras now can therefore really pay off in the long run.

It is a good idea to have security cameras both inside and outside of the home. Outdoor CCTV cameras should be positioned so that they are highly visible, to scare away any would-be criminals – it is definitely preferable to avoid a burglary than to be burgled and have to go to the hassle of calling the police and claiming on the insurance for stolen goods, even if you end up catching the criminal! You can place security cameras by the street if you have long driveway, by your front door, by any ground-level windows, or by your garage or car.

Unfortunately, your house may still be broken into, and this is where indoor security cameras come into their own.

If you are burgled you can use the camera footage to show the police what the person looked like, if they were not wearing a mask, as well as see exactly where they went and what they did in the house. This can be especially useful if they steal an item that you that you hadn’t even noticed, by which time you may already have put in an insurance claim! Plus, if you are on holiday you can usually set the camera to record the time and date so that you can tell police exactly when you were burgled.

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2 . Bird Watching

Security cameras, despite their name, don’t have to be reserved solely for the purposes of security. Extra small cameras, often known as spy cameras, can be used to create a live feed from inside a bird house in your garden which is perfect for nature lovers! To get started, simply buy a decent sized bird house (if you don’t have one already) and a small, wireless security camera. Fit the camera inside the box securely and pop the bird box up in one of your garden trees.

Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a family of birds to take up residence in your new bird box. Once they have, you can set up the camera to stream live images to a laptop, computer or even television, creating your own personal wildlife show. If you’d rather record footage to watch later you can find security cameras with a built-in motion detector so that it only records when it spots movement in the nest.

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3.  Baby Cameras

As a new parent, you may be worried about leaving your baby alone, for example leaving her in the cot upstairs when he or she is sleeping and you are downstairs watching TV. Baby monitors are great for recording sound, such as a baby crying, but for added peace of mind why not install a security camera in the room? That way, you’ll be able to check up on your baby whenever you want without going up to the room and potentially waking him or her up.

Many security cameras come with excellent night-vision technology and a wide-span view as they are designed to catch intruders who typically come into your home at night. They are therefore perfect for installing in a corner of your baby’s bedroom, allowing you to turn the light off and yet still see what’s going on. You can even connect a wireless camera to your TV or laptop so that you can switch channel or page at the flick of a button and see if your baby is okay.

These are just 3 of the many uses of CCTV kits, which I hope proves that whilst CCTV is an excellent method of home security, this is far from the only use that it can be put to.

Iain Jenkins writes for CCTV, one of the UK’s leading online providers of high quality CCTV equipment for home and business use. From single cameras through to full CCTV kits and matching accessories, they have everything to fulfil your security requirements.

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