3 Workout Apps To Help Get Those Results You Crave


Getting the lean and healthy body you crave isn’t just based on nutrition, running, or excessive amounts of lifting. Instead, it is the usage of a balanced plan that’ll leave you feeling great with the body you want, a process which has become even easier with the invention of the iPhone. By following a pre-set health plan for your workouts and nutrition intake, you’ll find yourself with more energy and a better physique that can be maintained over the long term. With that in mind, here are 3 health and fitness applications that’ll get you off the couch and into a healthier lifestyle before you know it.

iFitness Pro: The Personal Trainer on the Go

Hiring a personal trainer is often costly, and spending immense amounts of money shouldn’t be necessary in attaining your health goals. iFitness Pro recognizes this, and efficiently acts as a personal trainer on-the-go tuned to your specific needs. By providing hundreds of exercises for every region of the body, this app allows the experienced user to customize their own workout routines while providing 20 pre-defined workout routines suitable for beginners. The secret sauce that separates the iFitness Pro app from others on the market is its exercise log. Track your progress by recording all of your daily workouts, and then back them up online. Considered to be the “top selling fitness app of all time”, it’s often on sale for amazing price of just 99 cents; in other words, barely the price of a cup of coffee.

Keep Fit with Fitness Buddy

Recommended by both ESPN and Gizmodo, the Fitness Buddy app provides an entirely different level of detail when it comes to working out. With over 1700 different exercises, users might feel intimidated by the sheer number of exercises available to include in their workout routines. Fitness Buddy solves this confusion by providing over a thousand high definition videos that instruct how to properly carry forth the exercises, and a quick email response system for questions on any material relevant to fitness. Furthermore, over 75 diverse workout routines are provided for specific goals such as muscle gain, weight loss, and better cardio. With an extremely user-friendly system and exercises that keep workouts fresh and recordable, the Fitness Buddy is always worth a try at the low price of 99 cents.

The MyFitnessPal: One Easy Step to An Healthier Diet

While exercising is great in attaining goals, a proper diet will go a long way to losing weight and maintaining good health. Available for free, the MyFitnessPal app has an astounding five-star rating – often an enigma for apps. Having been featured in many prominent newspapers and talk shows, this app provides an easy way to track your calorie intake with over a million food items to choose from in its library and includes the ability to track the calories you burn while exercising. Free or not, this diet app is essential for anyone, whether it’s to maintain good health or to reach their goals in muscle growth and fat loss.

Getting fit is rarely easy, but fitness and dietary apps on your iPhone will definitely help make the process a bit more fun.

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