4 Best Android Diet and Weight Loss Apps


Most of the people who attempt to lose weight, feel good and keep a healthy lifestyle generally need a slight assistance. As there are a number of smart phones users out there, so it is no surprise that developers are producing apps intended to optimize the health and fitness strategies of these people. As there are a number of to select from, we are going to give a list of some hot picks that are certain to offer you lasting advantage and gratifying use, even long after you have achieved your fitness target.


This resourceful apparatus was created for you to be able to log and maintain track of all your fitness doings in one, all-encircling stage. With characteristics intended to make your fitness and health objectives plain and trouble-free to keep track of this is graded among the top apps accessible on the market nowadays. Characteristics consist of voice notice of exercises data, music integration, GPS tracking to let you to plan your schedule on a map and a recordable log of exercises.


Diet Tips

This app is the ideal go-to for a list of swift, simple and related diet instructions that can help you get inspired and stay on track. Just when you experience a level coming on or if you need a advancement, the Diet Tips app for Android comes in practical and presents a set of the latest news and analysis on all things linked to nutrition and fitness. Like an every day flip top calendar, it offers a helpful but easy collection of guidelines, leaving out the lengthy and drawn out commentariesS about the subject. At no price to the user and not excessively heavy on memory usage, this app is a useful apparatus to stay at your fingertips.



The magnificence of this Android app is that it was built up by sober fitness buffs. Some of the major aspects of DroidFit that make it very broadly accepted are its detailed charts to track weight lifting and body statistics development, a method intended to calculate the body builder’s 1 Rep maximum and an broad library of programmable exercises strategies with more than a few hundred weight coaching workout.



If you are on a diet plan then there is possibility that you are looking over what you are eating. Tours to the supermarket can be a not easy job when you are trying to stay disciplined without wandering away from your diet plan. Hungry! is an outstanding approach to stay within the confines of your calorie financial plan by serving you to fix to your shopping list. Very often when the people who are on diet go to the supermarket even a little hungry, they lean to go overboard and pay money for very much, and generally of the wrong foodstuff. This app not only will assist you to get through your diet, it will also give long-term use after the fact by serving you to administer your grocery lists.

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  1. Thanks for the great round-up. I’am thinking about installing something like that on my Galaxy tab and I’ll definitely consider some of the featured apps.

  2. I like this list, I’ve used a few of them, have you used myfitnesspal before? I’ve used it and it seems to be pretty good. Why are these better?

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