4 Cool Pest Control Mobile Apps


Pest control has come a long way from the days of the phone book. Today, exterminators are just as tech savvy and social media aware as the rest of the world. One of the most convenient revolutions in the extermination world is the use of apps. Here are four kinds of pest control apps that we’re willing to bet you didn’t know about.

Bug Identification Apps.
In today’s modern world, there are few things you can’t do better with the help of an app. And insect control is no different. Once upon a time, when you saw bugs in your home, the best you could do was call the exterminator babbling about some sort of brown — you think it was brown — winged thing terrorizing the children.

Today, there are apps that you can download right to your smart phone or iTunes account to help you with bug identification. Find out if the things in your home are living off the stuff in your pantry or simply crawling in at night to get away from the cold. Then give your exterminator the heads up to get them taken care of post haste.

Insect Control From Your Smart Phone
There are a few insect control companies that go a step further than helping you identify the terror in your household. There are some apps that let you battle the intruders in your home right from your phone.

These easily downloadable apps use sonic power to dispel common intruders like mosquitoes, rodents and cockroaches. Simply open the app and press the button that corresponds to the intruder you face. The phone will then emit a specific frequency designed to repel the intruder from the area.

Having a sonic weapon can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind when you hear something scurrying around the kitchen or face a swarm of mosquitoes on a camping trip. But the sonic waves are just a short term solution. Be sure to call an exterminator for a permanent solution to household pests.

Apps With Big Savings
Not all insect control apps are about bells, whistles and tricks. Some just offer you big savings. Certain exterminators use their apps to communicate with their customers.

Find a bug control company in your area with an app and sign up. Soon you’ll find little updates with percent-off coupons, seasonal deals and other breaks on your regular insect control expenditures. Often these coupons are a perk available only to their customers who have the app.

Convenience Apps.
In addition to deals and price breaks, some apps offer easy access to service. If you’ve ever had to look through the phone book for an exterminator’s number while standing on a chair in the middle of dinner party prep, you know how important it is to get in contact with a company quickly.

With the right app, you can put access to your extermination company right at the tip of your finger. Savvy pest control businesses have apps that allow you to schedule appointments, pay bills and even chat directly with exterminators. Download the app before you have a problem and the solution will be just seconds away.

This guest post is brought to you by All-Pest Control Services Inc, the leading pest control and wildlife removal company in the Greater Toronto Area.

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