5 Best Mobile Apps To Assist Personal Finance


“Mobilization” makes personal finance managing as easy as it can be. You take your cell phone everywhere with you and get constant access to your money planning and spending. There are different mobile apps that an assist you managing personal finance in many efficient ways. Let’s take a look at five of them here.

1. Expenditure
Expenditure is the iPhone mobile app. It’s easy to manage, nice looking and easy to use interface is one of the benefits you get with this app. This application keeps all your personal finance data well protected with a secure password system. Expenditure allows you to create various transactions. These transactions are placed into different categories for easier management.

The program also allows you to import or export data. You can you export your data into nicely arranged spreadsheets. This personal finance mobile app is pretty affordable.

2. Koku
Koku is a personal finance management Mac mobile app. It is pretty affordably priced. This app allows you to create various transactions, tag them properly to organize and review later on. You can keep all your saving, spending, bank card and other personal information in one place and easily searchable.
This mobile app is a great tool for those, who wish to analyze their personal money spending or saving habits to get them under control.

3. iReconcile
iReconcile is the mobile app for managing personal finances adopted both for iPhone and for iPad. The app is affordably priced. You can get it only for about $20 of annual payment. This mobile app allows you to create various reports of the entered data. You may enter all of your transactions, categorizing them by payee or spending and income. In a matter of moments this app provides you with detailed data on your spending habits.

The program allows you to analyze spending habits and make the most out of it. You can easily detect any losses you had and see any savings you’ve made.

4. MoneyBook
One of the great things about this personal finance mobile app is that is has been translated to several languages. The application is supported by the web site of its creators. You can create your account there, upload and easily manage all your personal finance data online.

Plus, the mobile app allows you to download it onto your PC sending the reports and data via email. You get your entire information password protected and secured. You can sort your transactions by different categories and analyze the way you manage your money.

5. iBank
iBank is one of the Mac personal finance mobile apps. It’s a more expensive option. The applications allows you to easily import and export all your transaction data. You may also easily download or upload data online.

iBank can help you to keep all the ends of your personal financing in one place. It can manage all your loans, credit cards, cash transactions, checks, etc. You can create different categories and sub-categories for your transactions. This way, you can get all the data sorted in different ways and it makes it easy to compile various reports.

As you may see, all the five mobile apps for personal finance management have different benefits to offer. Any of them can help you analyze your spending and help you budget your life.

Sean Harris is a finance and technology writer with a focus on taxes more his writing can be seen at

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