5 Best Smartphone Games


The 80s era saw the rising of video games with simple interface and a game plan that let you get addicted to it so much that you spent hours standing in that video game shop as few had the luxury of having it as a home facility.

Although the games were not very attractive as compared to today, but they sure had the power to keep you engaged. The great news is that these games have been reinvented with a touch of the classic game play, but with all the modern technological upgrades that could make them capture anyone’s attention from a teenager to a married man or even his wife! They have been made available on all the smart and sleek platforms that you find around e.g. smartphones, iPhones and iPods and even iPads and tablets in both touch screen and handheld mode. You will now be taken to the reviews of a few of these games to give you an online window shopping spree.

Angry Birds

The game has acquired the top slot in iPhone and iPod since it came in the market and will appear very soon in Android Apps store. From little kids to doctors to girls, everyone enjoys playing it while some stand to caste an appreciative glance on its structural physics. It is built on a simple premise where you have a flock of birds of different types that are shot from one place to knock down some target structures. This is done at different angels and the pattern of behavior of each bird type is different e.g. true flying, blowing up on impact, boomerang effect etc. It’s up to you to choose the best one for the structure ahead. The levels are there as usual and get difficult as you move up, but the simplicity and addiction of the game is never lost for a moment.

Doodle Jump

The easiest ones of the games available is this touch screen specific game where you simple move your Doodler to and fro from one end of the screen to another just by tilting your gadget. Across the way you try to avoid climbing hindrance while boarding on platforms and also collect elevation boosters, propeller-hats and springs. You might be thinking that Doodle graphics are just squiggly! But when you will know it’s so much affordable and equally addictive as your much sophisticated PlayStations you are bound to give it a try.

Daredevil Dave

This comes as a near replication of Evel Knievel promising to thrill its fun in a simple way. It’s always thrilling to make your motor cycle serve and skid through a series of climbing obstacles that increase with each level. You would be so happy to see your motorist hero jump through safely to reach the next level without having to go through the perils of being knocked out by real bad enemies as present in the big game above!

Plant vs. Zombies

No need to await a horror classic here but be ready to feel the addiction of the same. This game offers you a wide variety of vegetation which is in a battle to encounter zombies to prevent them from running your home. Your weaponry consists of peashooters to cherry bombs which need to be use intelligently to caste fatal effects on your enemy.  Going about arranging these active veggies for the combat is an absolute delight.

Flight Control

You just need to make use of your finger to make your plane land safely. Simple isn’t it? Things do get intense when you have an array of aircrafts sky cruising at different speeds and you have to handle each for its safe landing. It’s not unusual to find your family members stealing your time on this classic fun. It works on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Nintendo and PlayStation.

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