5 Great Cydia Apps That Make Your iPhone Better!


The most wanted and the most loves phone is obviously the phone offered by Apple. It gets better with every model they make and everybody would spend a fortune just to have the newest iPhone, which is, by now, iPhone5.

It is understandable why all people want to own an iPhone because not only the design is absolutely amazing but also the apps and tweaks offered by the Apple Store are breath taking. The only problem that appears is that the Apple Store is limited. I am talking about the fact that it doesn’t approve with many apps that the iPhone owners would like.

This is the reason why many people give up on the Apple Store and choose to jailbreak their iPhones and use Cydia download. What does that mean? Well, it is obviously an App Store, similar to Apple but which offers much more apps and tweaks and that makes it better. Why do we have to give up on Apple? Because it doesn’t approve with Cydia download.

If you need more details on how to download Cydia on your iPhone feel free to visit

So, if you want to personalize your iPhone, to make it better, to add all the apps you want, jailbreak it and start using Cydia instead of the Apple Store.

The Cydia Apps are worth all of this, believe me. Let me give you a couple of examples regarding these apps, in order for you to be more convinced that it would be a great choice.

First of all, I should totally mention Springtomize. This is an amazing app that helps you customize the look of icons, folders and even the lock screen. It has a great theme selection and it definitely makes your iPhone prettier and more interesting.

Another great Cydia App is iFile. This is a very useful file manager which helps you have a complete control over the system files in your iPhone.

Also, very interesting in useful is Backgrounder, an app that promotes multitasking in your iPhone. This way you are able to run more than one app at the same time. That sounds pretty great right?

If you are not convinced until now, let me introduce you to AppLinks, an app that helps you save time by providing a direct link of the apps you want to go to. That means that you won’t be searching too long in order to find your favorite iPhone app.

We shouldn’t forget Winterboard because it is famous through the Cydia Apps. This one can help you personalize your iPhone because it offers you a great number of themes it really helps you to make the device unique.

So, these are just 5 of the many amazing Cydia Apps that you can take advantage of once you choose jailbreaking and Cydia download. So, just do it; make your iPhone even better!

I am a passionate blogger and i love to write about all things technology, especially smartphones and tablets. I own a couple of gadgets myself, and i allways give a fair and honnest review so that other people know what they’re buying.

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