5 Great Websites For Keeping Up With the Cloud


Most experts agree that cloud computing will play a large part in the future of the information technology field. When using a cloud system, computer applications are accessed and utilized through a central network that’s usually at a remote location – in its most basic form, even services such as Gmail or Hotmail constitute cloud computing. But cloud computing – or “the cloud,” as it’s sometimes known – is fast growing as an efficient way for businesses to utilize resources, software, and information, without having to purchase multiple licenses or buy numerous copies of any one utility.

Yet, like most things pertaining to technology, cloud computing is ever-changing and fast-evolving. Luckily, there are numerous resources available for those looking to keep up with the cloud. A few of the best are listed below.

Business Cloud News (

Business Cloud News proclaims itself “the leading source of strategic insight, news, and analysis on cloud computing.” In addition to the homepage, which displays recent cloud-related news stories, the comprehensive site also offers webcasts, white papers, videos and more. Users can also sign up for a free cloud newsletter and can even contribute articles of their own to be published on the site.

Cloud Tweaks (www.cloudtweaks.tcom)

With the tagline “plugging into the cloud,” Cloud Tweaks provides all types of resources for everything cloud-related. The site’s Research Library section includes numerous articles in categories such as Cloud Infrastructure, Green Computing, and VPN, while separate sections of the Cloud Tweaks website cover Cloud Events, Cloud Jobs, Cloud Stocks, Cloud Diagrams, Cloud Vendors, and even Cloud Humor.

Info World & Cloud Computing Blog (

David Linthicum, a software executive and author, writes this cloud computing blog for the Info World website. He provides interesting and intelligent commentary on relevant cloud-related topics that goes beyond simply reciting news stories. Additionally, the Info World website’s cloud computing section offers white papers, videos, a test center, and more.

Cloud Computing Journal (

Tailored towards Enterprise IT professionals, the Cloud Computing Journal aims to promote the many benefits that cloud computing provides. The site’s homepage offers extensive news coverage of cloud-related topics, broken down into sections including Top Stories, Breaking News, Best Recent Articles, and Top Blogs. Articles can also be accessed by clicking on a topic or searched for by keyword. The Cloud Computing Journal also offers whitepapers, downloads, and webcasts.

Thinking Out Cloud (

Although it may not look as fancy as some of the bigger sites, Geva Perry’s cloud computing blog, Thinking Out Cloud, is a great resource for those interested in cloud computing. Perry, a software executive and cloud computing advisor, writes frequent posts in areas such as Marketing/Strategy, Cloud Economics, Shopping the Cloud, and more. There’s also a link to the website for his cloud-related podcast series, Overcast.

Alison Barjaktarovich writes for INE, a leading CCIE training company that has helped over 3,000 IT professionals to earn their CCIE Cisco certification.

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