5 Most Underrated Elements Of A Project Management System


Project management software has revolutionized how the world, especially the corporate and economic portions of it, handle their business. It allows for people to outsource their business, to contract across long distances and to continue working while traveling thanks to the ability to connect to a Cloud network from anywhere as long as you have internet access on your device, something that is growing increasingly more common anyway. Even if there isn’t any Wifi available most phones can connect to the cellphone network and hook a computer up through a data plan in that respect, meaning there’s almost no excuse not to be connected if you have the resources available.

But aside from the ability to connect across distances what makes project management software so great? It’s rarely considered what kind of features come together to make project management software work so easily, to be so simple to use or so accessible. It’s often taken for granted provided it has one or two major features, such as the ability to function on a Cloud network or to integrate with other Microsoft Office programs for easy and accessible use. So what are some underrated features that make certain software better than others when it comes to project management?


First, one of the most important features of any piece of project management software is the interface. It is everything that a person will be looking at, and has to be considered carefully even if it’s not going to get much appreciation, becoming overshadowed by many of the other features that the software has to provide, such as the things the interface is used to access. But imagine your favorite piece of software, and now imagine if every button was a garish bright pink in color. That is why consideration of the interface is very important.


Next up we’ll give a brief mention to the program’s installer. In order to get a program running, let along beginning a project through the program, it’s important to have an efficient and streamlined installer. Being able to just click a few buttons and immediately access the program for the first time is a great way to sell people on a product, while making them jump through hoops will definitely turn them away.


Thirdly is organization. This one’s pretty evident and doesn’t need much explanation, but to be able to find everything you want through a few easy clicks, either features of the program or files in the project, is a vital part of any project management software that people rarely consider. The addition of a simple search bar to search through all the contents of the project, for example, is a huge feature often overlooked.


Nearing the end there’s the integration of other computers. While being able to use and access a Cloud network is a necessary feature, the ease by which a new computer, device or person can be added to a project can often be a huge perk. No one wants to have to go through complicated procedures to get what they need.


And finally, among the top most underrated features of project management software, is its ability to properly manage tasks or commonly known as multi tasking. This means all the little features such as being able to add new documents with ease, to look over statistics, to browse the network and so forth, all of this is something assumed of software but isn’t always available.

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