5 Must-Have Apps For Teachers


The innovation of technology has brought many applications to our mobile devices. Some of these apps teach us how to cook, how to drive safe, how to find the best bargain and anything else you can imagine.

There are also plenty of apps that are beneficial to our teachers. From virtual assistants to educational books, the following are five of the best apps for teachers.

1. Teachers Assistant Pro

Every teacher needs an assistant, and TeachersAssistantPro is one of the best options on the market today. With this app, teachers can email parents and school administration about the progress of a student. They can also store contact information for parents and students, including phone numbers, emails and even photos.

Teachers can keep other notes and information on their students, and they can categorize their students by name or class. If you need to reach your class, teachers can send out email blasts as reminders about tests or upcoming projects.

2. LanSchool Teacher’s Assistant

When teachers pair the LanSchoolTeacher’sAssistantapp with the LanSchool Teacher console on their computer, teachers will have plenty of benefits.

Teachers can use the app to monitor students activity on computers or mobile devices for the classroom. They can easily see which websites students are viewing as well as which applications are being used. Teachers can also reduce on-screen distractions by limiting apps and blanking out screens.

When using the app, teachers can ask pop questions or ask polls for students to find out who is understanding the topic and who’s having trouble. Students who are having trouble can request help from the teacher without the rest of the class finding out.

3. FreeBooks

With over 23,000 books, FreeBooks is a great app for teachers. Once they pay the initial fee, all books can be downloaded for free.

This app is a great way for teachers to read next year’s books during the summer months. All of the books will be stored on the app, and if a teacher needs to stop reading, the app will hold their place for when they return.

The eRreader feature on the app is easy to use and customizable, making it a great addition to any teacher’s library. With the amount of books available, teachers can access everything from the classics to books on specific topics.

4. Socrative – Teacher Clicker

Socrative uses smart clicking to the teachers advantage. They can intrigue the classroom with educational lectures and activities that will capture a student’s result in real time.

Teachers can ask questions with their device and have students answer with theirs. All the answers can then be populated to the screen and projected to the students. Teachers can even use the app to generate a pop quiz with either multiple choice or short answer questions.

5. ?Skitch

Skitch is a great way to add a tweak to images. Teachers can use sketches, text, arrows and shapes to add their own notes to learning images and diagrams. They can edit old images or create new ones and can even show their work to everyone using Apple TVs or AirPlay, and they can save everything for later use.

Jack Carter is a college student and avid writer. He is currently writing an essay on Lord of the Flies. In his spare time, Jack loves to read, blog, and hang out with friends.

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