5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An SEO Company In India


Every business starts its endeavor with the primary aim of enhancing profits through increased sales and revenues. In this pursuit, businesses may induce into several promotional activities to substantiate visibility among vast number of potential customers. Like any business, an online business requires the need for advertising and promotions.

Online marketing analysts state that search engine optimization or SEO training is indeed the most effective technique for businesses promote their products and services. So, how can you make your website optimized to get featured on various search engine results? Hiring an SEO company, specifically an SEO experts in India can help assist in your objective.

Although, there are various companies providing internet marketing services all over the world, hiring an SEO company in India has its own unique benefits that others can barely match. Webmasters looking to make their website search engine friendly must understand the advantage of hiring an SEO companies in India.

The biggest facility that buyers get to avail when hiring such services is that here the cost is much affordable than other countries. Also hiring an Indian SEO company ensures the availability of skilled professionals experienced in the various techniques involved in the process.

How to hire an SEO company in India?

As a business, you need to consider several aspects when looking for SEO services from internet marketing providers in India. Choose professionals with adequate SEO training that can elevate your business by ranking your website at top positions on search engines. After making a selection through few professionals, asking these top 5 questions is important to know their potential.

1. How much experience does the SEO company in India have?

Having adequate experience can cause a great impact since longer the company is in the industry, they are more likely to understand the optimization scenario. These companies must be efficient in the methods that they implement to ensure that fruitful results come through the work process. Proper understanding of these techniques is highly beneficial as inappropriate methods can ruin the website greatly.

2. Seek references of past work

Any quality SEO provider in India should have a portfolio with a list of the clients they have worked for. This must also showcase the condition of the website at the start of the process and the end results. It is not proper to solely rely on these documents, but viewing the work conducted on websites for past clients can provide a glimpse of what SEO training they have and what they can do to promote your business.

3. What are the techniques used and how are these monitored?

Hire an SEO company that uses only ethical techniques to market your website. Using black hat techniques as is common with several web marketers which can lead to your website getting penalized or even banned by search engines.

Monitoring the performance is quite simple. The SEO service must provide a detailed report of the keyword rankings, visitor count, change in sales and more.

4. How many quality links will be added every month?

The SEO company you look to hire must create quality links in the specific niche of your website only. It is important to understand that SEO is a long term process and the links can take time to show up in search results. However, a good quality SEO company will ensure that they generate new links every month.

5. How much time it will take for keywords to rank in the top position on search engines?

A dedicated professional undergoes proper SEO training to provide the best keyword ranking within 3-6 months. Be cautious not to rely on experts that promise to showcase results in about 2-3 weeks. They may do more harm than good to your business that you’ll never realize.

Pritam Nagrale is a blogger & SEO expert. He is running an SEO training in Mumbai at If you are looking for SEO training then you can visit the website for more info.

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  1. I would like to add one more point that check the reputation and work of the company before hiring it. Many companies also provide SEO training to people. You can also ask the one who are learning from the company to give feedback about the company.

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