5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market


5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

Apple has once again introduced a device that is simply meant to be the leader in the smartphone industry – the iPhone 4. It has a completely new look and has more features than you would imagine. The biggest additions on it are the new internal hardware specs, which are high enough to last more than a couple of years and the amazing 960×640 3.5 inch screen, which packs the pixels so dense, our eyes can’t differentiate them (Apple calls it the Retina Display)!

And with these new features, I can say with 100% certainty that the iPhone 4 is the best multimedia device on the market, period. If more people knew about it and if only its cost weren’t so high, it could have the potential to wipe the floor with any other portable media player and most portable gaming consoles out there, in addition to being one of the best smartphones. Here are the top reasons why I think the iPhone 4 is simply amazing as a multimedia device.

It can play any videos.

5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

Thanks to its 1 GHz processor and its hardware acceleration, the iPhone 4 can play any videos you put on it, in all of the most popular formats, up to 720p HD resolution and even higher! This means that the days when you had to convert videos just to watch them comfortably on your phone are gone. Now you just upload a video, tap on its icon and watch it.

It can play high quality games.

The iPhone 4 also has the most powerful graphics adapter in a device of its size. The iPhone 3GS had the PowerVR SGX 540 chip, which is still the fastest on market, and the iPhone 4 has an unnamed custom chip from Apple, which they say is even better. And with the Retina Display, all of the games look better than ever. The Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable simply can’t compete with that. You can even replace them with software emulators on the iPhone, which run just as smooth!

It is an amazing music player.

5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

Thanks to the large number of media players on the marketplace and the great audio chip inside it, the iPhone 4 is the best music player ever. You can listen to any file formats, search for lyrics, sing karaoke, recognize songs using the microphone and Shazam (an application), and do so much more.

It can surf the Web.

5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

The Internet has never looked better on such a small device. You can open any kind of sites, and you don’t even have to constantly zoom in, as the display shows perfectly sharp text without it. You can also watch videos on Youtube using a third party app, which, while a bit worse than having video inside the browser, is still a great experience.

It can capture HD video.

5 Reasons the iPhone 4 is the Best Multimedia Device on the Market

The best addition for photographers and video makers is the 5 megapixels camera that can shoot 720p video. Not only that, but you can also stream it live on the Web using a Wifi or HSDPA 3G connection. The iPhone 4 can replace your point and shoot and Flip camera at the same time!

In addition to all of the above media features, you must not forget that the iPhone can do so much more! It’s practically a computer inside your pocket – you can edit documents, manage remote servers via RDP or SSH, communicate with anyone for cheap or even free using VoIP and Instant Messaging services like Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and much more.

If that’s not enough, the iPhone 4 is very easy to use (a major reason why people buy PMPs instead of smartphones is the simplicity of use) has a very unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd and make anyone who has it seem more professional and elegant. If you’re planning on buying a new portable media player or even smartphone, be sure to at least check it out – I’m sure you won’t want to put it down!

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