5 Reasons To Buy A Mac Instead Of A PC


I’m no computer whiz, but I do know enough to know that there is a huge difference between a Mac and a PC – such a difference that it almost seems that I’d have to speak a different language to take that giant leap. That’s what kept me away from Macs for so long . . . well, that and the cost. However, when my laptop just recently burned out on me, I was faced with the decision of purchasing a new one. I called my computer geek friend to ask for a good recommendation and he hands-down insisted I seriously consider switching sides. After doing my research, I came to agree with him, and for a number of reasons. Here are five reasons I found to buy a Mac instead of a PC:

The cost myth. It is a widespread belief that Macs simply out-cost PCS, and by a long shot. And that may look to be true on the surface, but when you actually compare machines, you will find that there is much more to it than that. Macs are priced equivalently, or sometimes even less than, comparable PCs – the operative term being comparable. When you walk into an electronics dealer, it is likely that you will see a wide variety of PCs for well under a thousand dollars, and only a few computers priced above one thousand dollars – mostly Macs. But that is only because Apple does not make computers as basic as those less expensive PCs. When you compare actual hardware and programming, Macs are reasonably priced.

Software. Any Mac you purchase will come equipped with Apple’s iLife suite of computer software. This programming allows you to do a wide array of creative and organizational projects, and is far more sophisticated than any of the corresponding software you might get with a PC.

Maintenance. Macs are known for being more stable (crashing less often) and having less annoying “glitches” that require a restart. Additionally, they are simply easier to fix when something does go wrong.

Safety. So, just how do Macs and PCs compare when it comes to security? Macs win, hands down. Most Trojans, worms, and viruses are designed for Windows (PC). As a matter of fact, there has not been even one computer-to-computer virus to spread into Macs since 2001!

Service. Magazines like PC World and have both conducted surveys regarding service from makers of PCs and the Mac, and Apple comes out on top every time.

If you need some reasons to purchase a Mac, then you shouldn’t have to look too far. The evidence is all around you. I’m happy I made the switch – so much so that I had to tell you about it.

About the Author: Yolando Paliotta is a computer specialist who holds a special place in his heart for both Mac and PC computers. He loves using his PC but also enjoys doing Mac photo recovery and hardware installation work for Mac owners.

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