5 Smokin’ Hot Apps For Fire Safety At Home


Most apps that we have lurking on our smartphones give us relevant information the moment we need it, like the location of the closest place for a good burger or which gas station is offering the lowest prices.

Today, however, the subject is a category where many of the apps are best used far in advance of the day you actually you need the information they offer: Fire safety apps.

1. Burny’s Fire Safety App is a free, family oriented instructional app to increase understanding and awareness with regards to fire safety. With a couple of cartoon characters leading the way—Burney who bears (pun intended) something of a resemblance to Smokey Bear and Ash, a moose not so unlike Bullwinkle—users play a game to find common fires hazards. The entire family can play and then go on a quest in their own home to find potential fire hazards and correct them. You’ll also go over evacuation routes to use in the case of a fire. iOS.

2. Fire Safety is published by Bubble Ltd and is more suitable for adults. There’s no game here. This one follows the Sgt. Joe Friday philosophy from the old “Dragnet” TV police show: Just the facts, ma’am. A series of screens offers a tutorial on fire safety basics, with an emphasis on the workplace. The need to know the location of fire extinguishers and the various fire extinguisher types, are stressed along with some common sense fire prevention advice. The tips are presented in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, so it would be a good one to use if you have foreign workers or guests. One great feature here is its emergency light. The app uses the iPhone photo flash as a light. It can be set to act as a strobe or be steadily on. A free iOS app.

3. SCDF Fire Safety is brought to us by the Singapore Civil Defence Force and teaches the vital life-saving skills you need to know ahead of an emergency as well presents sound fire safety information. Topics include how to put out small fires, how to safely escape from a room full of smoke and what to do when you or another person’s clothes catch on fire. There’s a game mode in this one, but check it out before you hand it over to your kids. It’s probably not suitable for younger children. A free iOS app.

4. CERTL Fire Safety Training. Here’s a $3.99 Android app that covers all the material from the CERT Fire Training module. The CERT program delivers disaster preparedness training to community and business groups, so this app goes well beyond more simple home fire safety rules and tips. For example fire chemistry, natural gas hazards and electrical emergencies are covered. There are informative graphics and illustrations along with interactive exercises that enhance the learning experience.

5. AJ Cohen Campus Fire Safety Prevention App is dedicated to a young man who lost his life in a college campus house fire. First off, that one fact alone is a good way to reinforce in all of us the critical need for fire safety and preparedness. The app is basically a list of tips for students and another list of tips for parents. A lot of useful information is presented in a very direct format. Anyone leaving for college should be aware of the these tips and any parents who are sending their child away will really appreciate the insights offered here. A free iOS app.

As I mentioned above, much of the information included in these apps needs to be understood before you face the challenges presented by a fire. And, as with any lessons, regular reviews are essential. You might start your children off with the fun Burny’s Fire Safety app and move on to the SCDF Fire Safety app as they grow more mature.

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