5 Things To Look For When Buying A Mobile Phone


I think that your current mobile seriously does not suit your lifestyle anymore, does it? This is because if it would be suitable to your lifestyle, you might not be bothered to read this article. Because you have already started reading, it is sure that you are looking for a mobile phone that would make an appeal to the people around you. In short, you need a mobile phone that matches your needs and refines your lifestyle.

However, do you have any clue about which one to select? As the market gets flooded with a variety of awesome new phones frequently, it is not that easy to choose the most suitable one. In order to make you choose the most suitable one easily, here are 5 things to look for when buying a mobile phone.

Brand and Features

How would you feel if you get a new mobile phone that you later find to be no special at all? This is irritating, right? So, to get rid of this unwanted experience, it is better to check and compare the features of the different brands. Features might make you select the brand or brand might give you the desired features – the way is yours! Look for features such as caller ID, phone book capacity, microbrowser, SMS, MMS, camera, video recorder, conference calling, Bluetooth, GPS, security tracking, push-to-talk, app market access, voice commands, Wi-Fi, multimedia support, MS Office support, and 3G or 4G connections.


This is something that you can never compromise on. You can opt to lose some features, but not performance that today’s feature-enrich phones hardly guarantee. It is vital to have a mobile with good antenna and receivers, voice clarity, and good volume level; as these things improve the overall performance. To determine performance of your mobile phone, it is advisable to read the reviews online. Alternatively, you can even ask the sales man to allow making a call on trial basis.

Battery Life

This is an indirect factor that is related to performance. What if the call quality is good but the battery life is too short to enjoy it? That is why you need to consider battery life separately. In most mobiles, batter life is longer if you work on 2G network. So, if you are taking a 3G phone, choose the one with the highest battery life even if you have to let go some features.


When it comes to price, it is always sensible to buy a mobile phone within your budget. If you just keep the above tips in mind, you will surely get a mobile phone according to your requirements and without spending heavily on it. Just keep on thing in mind, a new phone in the mobile market might be costly on its release, but soon, its price begins to fall making itself available within your reach.

After Sales Service

This is the most ignored factor when it comes to buying mobiles. A sudden crash or connection failure notice can make you go mad. So, before buying one, do ensure that the service center is within your reach.

Kelly is a tech blogger that covers a variety of topic such as mobile phones, computers and software. She also share different tips when it comes to photography such as recovering deleted photos using a photo recovery software.

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