5 Tips For Email Marketing In The Mobile Age


Email marketing has to face ongoing challenges for breaking through to audiences in a mobile age. Demands for attention for content from other sites, and the difficulty of overcoming spam detection has meant that email marketing has to be more creative and more reliable, to build the kind of loyalty that can translate into sales. Some of the best ways in which email marketing can continue to produce results include being able to maintain specific mailing lists, while also combining persistence with simple and effective ways of working with an audience. These factors are developed in the list below:

1 – Develop a Specific List of Members

A strong mailing list will ultimately make or break a successful email campaign. You need to be able to build a list that’s large enough, and demonstrates enough evidence of repeated use, to not end up being marked as spam. Getting permission to regularly appear in an email list is crucial, and produces the difference between a consumer base that is willing to click through, or at least check emails, and one that will ignore all messages.

2 – Be Persistent, But Don’t Hassle Consumers

Too many emails will eventually lead consumers to turn away from a campaign, particularly if they receive a lot of similar content. Having a simple message that is repeated for high frequency users will work better than trying to create a blanket email campaign that will result in blanket rejections. Persistence with the right kind of consumers, or ones that click through at least a few times, should be a gradual process.

3 – Be Simple but Effective

Having a simply designed and written message will work best for emails that can be accessed across a variety of platforms and devices. Having emails that can be read on smart phones is particularly important for getting through to consumers in different ways. While it is important to create an impact, it is also crucial to have a simple message that can be broken down to the header of an email, with the option of more information within the email itself.

4 – Respond to Your Audience

It can be difficult to open up a dialogue with a consumer base, but try to put some kind of feedback option into emails. Many users will simply unsubscribe from a mailing list after time, but some may be willing to provide a brief explanation as to why they have done so. If this feedback is relevant, try to make it part of future planning.

5 – Keeping Your Message Consistent

The best email marketing campaigns come down to being able to communicate simply and consistently through email. A campaign should be about a few key points, and the opportunity to find out more information beyond an initial email. In this way, it is important to think of email as a way of acting as a gateway into Facebook and other sites. Being able to engage consumers across a range of different platforms becomes important, in this way, for ensuring that you employ the strengths of different media.

  • Image courtesy of Johan Larsson
  • Image courtesy of Johan Larsson

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