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5 Tips To Boost Your Blogs


5 Tips to Boost your Blogs

All bloggers want to boost their blogs. They want to get more clicks and have more people read their articles. Here are five simple tips that everybody can utilize to make their blogs better and reach a better audience:


Content is king. Basically, the more content, the better. Google uses freshness algorithms to figure out which content belongs on the top of the search results. The more content that a blogger adds, the higher the boost will be from the freshness algorithm. Adding relevant, current content is also something every blogger should consider.

Build Links

Building links is another essential component to creating the best blog possible. Bloggers should talk to other bloggers and share each other’s content. Guest blogging can also be an easy way to get good backlinks in exchange for quality content.

Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool for SEO. If a blogger creates a viral piece of content, then they can attract swarms of visitors to help their blog. Some examples of things bloggers can create to potentially go virl include:

  • memes
  • infographics
  • videos

Google is also taking a more active look social networking and its effect on the searches. Adding social buttons to one’s site and getting likes on Facebook will help in the Google ranking. Also, creating an active Twitter account and acquiring a large following will have a positive effect. Now more than ever, Google is looking at social shares to help influence their algorithms.


The key to content is making sure articles are focused. If you use wordpress, install an SEO plugin that monitors your keyword density, title tag useage, and other basic on site factors. Your keyword will attract the targeted audience of your choice.

In addition to centering your articles around keywords, making sure articles are well written and have a high readability level is critical. Nobody wants to read huge blocks of text in the form of massive paragraphs. Rather, breaking up content will make it easier for people to read. I suggest using a middle school reading level just to ensure that everybody can read your articles without any difficulty.

Natural Links

Good content gets natural link, and natural links are the best. Natural links are always better than links that you work to get. Natural links pass the most trust, have long term value, and sends real visitors. These are all vital parts of creating the best blog possible and getting as high a Google ranking as there is.

Other Tips

  • Track your rankings
  • Monitor visitor count
  • Don’t copy content
  • Limit the number of outbound links
  • Make sure all posts are over 300 words
  • Break up your content

One search engine optimization company that utilizes these tips and even helped solve some of their advantages is Rank Executives. Rank Executives is among the leaders in modern SEO, using a mathematical based formula to rank their clients at the top of Google.

By Ben DeStefano, an SEO researcher developing the best methods to cracking the Google algorithms

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