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5 Useful Chrome Extensions To Improve Web Development Productivity


Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and people love it because of its performance and impressive extensions collection that can be both fun and increase productivity. Most geeks keep on finding strategies to get productive while saving time and especially developers who need to work smartly. These are a few interesting Google Chrome extensions that can help developers in increasing their productivity.

1. Split Screen

It’s really tedious to change tabs over and over again while testing your site online and perhaps Split Screen is the right tool for you. It splits the screen and allows you to open two websites within a single tab. Consequently, it makes it easier to open both your site and the admin page at the same time.

2. Shareholic

For developers, it can be important to form an active developer community on social networking sites to exchange updates and news. Shareholic can reduce your time and effort in sharing information through all popular social networking sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc. with just a single click.

3. URL Shortener

Web developers often have to deal with pages with ridiculously long URL. Once you’ve shortened the URL, you can share it through emails or IM with other developers.

4. Chromey Calculator

It has a lot more to offer to you than just a simple calculator. It supports all the mathematical needs of developers, you can calculate using variables, convert units, use vectors and many more.

5. Clip to Evernote

Bookmarking websites or opening notepad to write down some useful points while reading blogs can be troublesome. With Clip to Evernote you don’t need to switch tabs or open bookmark. When using Evernote, you only need to do one click and save it permanently.

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