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5 Useful Tips For Bloggers Around The World


Believe it or not, blogging can be pretty tough work. We’ve all been there. Writer’s block. You’re given a topic and you think, “How on earth can I make anyone enjoy reading about [insert boring topic here]?” And you’re at a loss for words. You sit at your desk for what seem like days trying to decide the perfect way to approach your less than entertaining topic. Whatever you come up with, it’s got to “appeal to the masses,” as they say.

You’re writing to both entertain the readers you currently have and to attract even more viewers in order to increase traffic flow to your webpage. I’ve come up with a few basic ideas that in my experience have certainly worked to my advantage, some of which I present to you here.

1. Know Who You’re Writing For.

When you’re blogging about a specific topic, think about who would want to read about it. Who’s going to be reading about computer desks?

  1. Employers of large companies who are in need of furnishing their offices
  2. College students looking to branch out on their own
  3. Homeowners looking for the perfect piece to complete their home office.

Pick a demographic and run with it, see just how fast and how far you can go.

2. Compare And Contrast 2 Ridiculously Unrelated Topics.

I once read that one of the easiest routes to take when blogging is to take the topic you’re writing about and somehow relate it to something completely different. It’s certainly a fun way to get down and dirty with your blog. Choose something that personally interests you and relate it to the topic at hand. Maybe go with how working at a computer desk is like cooking in the kitchen, gearing your post more towards homeowners. With titles that present two completely unrelated ideas, you’re sure to reel in new readers.

3. Use Out-Of-This-World Statistics.

Find a few interesting statistics on the topic at hand. Even consider introducing unusual polls about your topic that will catch the reader’s attention. Perhaps you can find a way to include the size of the largest stick of bubblegum while writing about how bubblegum is incredibly unhealthy for kids of all ages. Find a poll on kids’ favorite bubblegum flavors or preferred brands. They may be useless pieces of knowledge, but who knows if it’s the next million dollar question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

4. Introduce Amusing Pictures Or Videos.

If you’re still searching for some way to appeal to the world of avid web surfers, sometimes it’s best not to use too many words. In other words, find some crazy images that relate to your “boring” topic. If you’re still stuck on computer desks, find some of the world’s wackiest computer desks. If you’re working on a how-to blog, look up some videos that are both useful and entertaining on YouTube or other video websites.

5. Hit ‘Em Hard With Pop Culture References.

What always seems to gain high traffic results for your website? Celebrity gossip. If you take your “boring” topic and make it somehow related to what many refer to as major milestones in today’s world of pop culture, you’re suddenly an Internet god. For example, (yet again sticking with computer desks) Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s breakup: Who gets the computer desk? Suddenly hits are coming from all over the globe.

These five tips should get you noticed in no time. You’ll have more readers wanting more content because they just can’t get enough of what you’ve got to offer. Having fun with your content makes blogging easier and much more exciting for you and your readers.

Rose Boettinger is a guest blogging assistant for ProspectMX, an internet marketing company in Pennsylvania. For a free 20-page internet marketing audit of your website, please visit

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