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5 Ways To Use Social Media To Find A Job


Finding a job nowadays can be a daunting task. Usually, job seekers will spend seven months or longer to find a job suitable to their qualifications. Nevertheless, with social media this could be a different story. LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook are the leading social networking sites that offer opportunities for job hunters to find work quickly and easily. According to an article written in the Time magazine, the best approach to find the ideal job by means of a social networking site is to ask someone, who is already working there, to refer you. Thus, learning how to create an account and build linkages are very important if you want to get a job through social networking site.

*Make a Professional Resume
Because you will not apply for a job personally, you need to have a professional and well-crafted resume every time you look for a work using social networks, as it is a tool that promotes yourself and persuade your potential employer that you are the right person for that position. According to many career experts, the resume needs to be at least one page and include your most recent career experience. It is also important to use bullet points as well as fragmented sentences with the use of action words. For instance, “budgeted,” “produced,” and “coordinated” are some of the suitable keywords to mention in every resume.

*Create Accounts
Create accounts with social networking sites intended for hiring. LinkedIn is a well-known choice between professionals or experts and with the Job Hunter Premium Account; it may be easier and quicker to locate a job. Moreover, there are jobs sections on the site’s interface that can be classified by sector. In order for you to branch out further, Twitter and Facebook are venues to use linkages to gather data on the newest job opportunities. Your friends may advertise contractual and permanent opportunities by means of direct messages. Try to network in more than one venue to have the best results.

*Post Basic Contact Info with a Professional Photo
Try to include your basic contact information with a professional photo. The photo should be your recent head-shot. You need to make sure that it meets the size requirements of ever profile site (i.e. 180 x 540 on Facebook). Your basic contact information needs to include a valid e-mail address and a phone number. It may also be stated within a brief paragraph summary when appropriate for your professional profile background.

*Seek Connections
It is also imperative to find connections with people who are already employed in the jobs you want. Try to join online groups that fit the category you want to apply for. Have a meeting or link in-person outside the social media. Occasionally, groups set a meeting locally and grab the opportunity to create a network personally. Having a personal relationship in a public place for a chance to get interviewed for a work opportunity found online in the near future.

*Obtain References
Try to have some references from individual you have already linked with on the social networking sites. For instance, a LinkedIn profile can only be completed if you provide a minimum of three references. You need to have a proof that validates your interests and qualifications. It is important to encourage people that you have worked with on an important project in different abilities to write one.

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