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Creating amazing videos has never been easier with apps that turn your smartphone into an editor and even a film crew. You can share your movie on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites or kick back and watch it on your own TV. Whether you want to refine your existing video or produce an artistic masterpiece, these apps will get you started. We chose our six favorites from the web.


This new app puts a creative twist on social video with its ability to mix up to four video streams from users who are filming at the same time and place. Vyclone uses the iPhone’s GPS to pinpoint the location of the movie shoot.

The result is multi-angle footage that is ideal for capturing crowd events such as concerts. As the app creates a virtual crew, you and your friends can take it a step further and collaborate on a unique project. Finished videos are uploaded to Vyclone, which combines and edits them to produce one movie. You have the option of manually editing Vyclone’s creation from the raw footage.

The app has three privacy settings that determine who can see the movies. You can share with the Crew who are the other video creators. You can widen to the Crowd, which includes the people in the filming vicinity. The Everyone option allows the public to view and edit the video from Vyclone’s gallery.

The app can create movies up to one minute long and is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later.

AndroMedia HD

AndroMedia combines the functionality of a desktop video editor with the intuitive ease of an app. You can use your Android to professionally create and edit videos using fades, title and caption overlays, special effects and custom audio editing. Editing is easy with the ability to drag and drop clips. Movies can be uploaded directly to YouTube in either high definition or standard. You can choose your file format from WAV, MOV, MP4, MP3, JPG and PNG.


Apple’s venerable iMovie desktop application is now an app for iPhone and iPad. In addition to creating and editing high-definition movies, you can multi-touch to add your own photos, video, music and sound effects. If you need inspiration, choose from eight themes that each have unique soundtracks, transitions and titles. You can email or iMessage your video from Camera Roll or upload it directly to Facebook, YouTube, CNN iReport and Vimeo.

CinemaFX for Video

Sometimes a finished video just needs that special effect to make it a standout. CinemaFX for the iPhone gives you a choice of 55 effects from categories such as vintage and cinematic. For a custom look, you can overlay up to three effects on the same movie and also adjust settings for each individual effect. The app’s side-by-side comparison feature lets you create your masterpiece just the way you want it before emailing it or uploading it to YouTube.


Have you ever looked at your photos and wished they’d been movies instead? The Videolicious app for iPhone and iPad makes documentaries from your photos and videos. You can add music and narration to create a unique and personal movie that can be posted to social media sites or emailed as a postcard. The app comes with free soundtracks as well as ideas for creating special videos such as thank-you notes and your own news stories.


Viddy for iOS creates 15-second videos that let you capture and share life’s special, wacky or newsworthy moments. Like apps that make longer movies, Viddy includes filters and visual effects to make the most of your 15 seconds of fame. You can add a soundtrack, transitions and even celebrity images. Videos can be shared instantly on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and other social media sites.

Photo Credit:  Some rights reserved by William Hook

Chris Keenan is a blogger for for Grey Sky Films, a NJ Internet Video Advertising agency.

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