6 Simple and Effective Internet Security Tips


Internet is the base of this fastest growing advanced technological world. Millions of web users are regularly using internet for various purposes like they to get information, communication or being socialize with friends, enjoy entertainment, education and conducting business etc. But as we are moving ahead with exponentially growing internet age, we have to be more aware of the improved security measures of the internet. There should not be any compromise in the security matters.

Some of the online scammers who are prowling the cyberspace target the unaware web users to trap them into their fraud web. So following are some of the best, simple and effective internet security tips to make you aware regarding internet security:

Install Up-to-date Antivirus Software

Always keep your anti-virus up-to-date. This will protect your computer from unknown internet viruses and other threats. Hundreds of new malware programs are released every week. They include worms, viruses, Trojan horses and other harmful threats which can enter into your computer and spoil your data. So keep updated anti-virus software.

Install a firewall

Installing a firewall is the best way to protect your internal network from external networks which might contain harmful threats. Most of the business users install firewalls which filters the information and data from entering or leaving your computer network.

Select Passwords wisely

Never select the names or special dates as your passwords. It can be revealed by anyone. While choosing a password use a combine set of letters, numbers, upper-case and lower-case alphabets, special characters etc to make your password protection strong and unpredictable. Do not disclose your password to anyone. You can also change your password once in 15-20 days.

Avoid Suspicious Attachments and Links

Don’t click the suspicious URLs or links to open. This might be an attack for your computer. Always consider the warning information provided by the anti-virus software. Also don’t open the unknown or suspicious attachments, these files might have sent by the hackers to get the access of your system.

Backup your data regularly

To get out of the sudden data loss accidents like hard drive failures, infections, virus-attack etc, you should keep the backup of your data.

Never send money to Unverified Resources

Online fraudsters open this fraud business of sending mails to various internet users describing that you have won a prize. To claim that prize you have to send some amount of money to send that prize at your address. These fraudsters could try to convince you that they are from some company and need your personal information etc. All these are traps to get entangled the unaware users to get their money. Ignore such mails.

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