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6 Things You Should Know About Web Design


I recently had a website developed by a web design company in North Wales. Luckily by employing the services of WilliCreative we ended up with a website that was both functional and visually appealing. I learnt alot about web design during this process Undeniably, the internet is the place where commerce is thriving very rapidly. In today’s culture, online presence is profoundly vital for the progress of your business.

Right now is the phenomenal time for business especially small ones. Website is a point of interaction with your clients. In this digital age, everyone relies on the internet for everything they need and your website is the way your potential customers can get to the specific product or service they were looking for.

The fact that website is very crucial to your success does not mean that by merely having one will guarantee success. While many people recognize the indispensable role of website they are not taking care about the content of their sites.

6 Things You Should Know About Web Design

You might want to hire web designer or you want to make it on your own. Tools to create a website are out there. However, whether you want your website done by a professional or you want to be your own web designer, there are fundamental things that you have to know to bolster your online success

  1. Responsive Web Design

With the explosion of small devices such as smartphones and tablets it became necessary for business to adapt to this technological advancement. This means that they have to create a website that can work both in desktop and small devices. Responsive Web Design is about creating a site that is compatible in smartphones and tablets

  1. Flat Design

The design is intended to be simplified in form. This means that there is no use of 3D images, shadows or any distortions. Typically, flat design consists of bold texts, colors and shapes. The texture is just plain. It is highly recommended to use flat design so as to not confuse your viewers.

  1. Text

Do away with web design that’s done with images. Online users look for information about services or products and there is no way they can get the information if your site is full of images and no text descriptions.

  1. Scrolling Functionality

People love to scroll online. They prefer scrolling down than having to search for products in horizontal manner. Also, looking for web content downwards is much more helpful and not confusing.

  1. Brand Promotion

Your website represents your business. Your brand extends to your website. You have to create congruence between what it is that you do and how your website looks like. Maximize your website to promote your brand.

  1. Easy Interface

Online users depend on internet for most of their need primarily because they want to save time and effort going to physical store. You have to keep up with this so you might want to make it easier for them to look for products in your site. Do not make complex navigation processes.

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