6 Things You Should Learn from ‘Pokémon Go’


Pokémon Go APK has become a viral sensation since its launch. The game was available since Thursday in the United States and has become extremely popular in such a short span of time. Read the following article to find out what it is all about. In the previous week, The Pokémon Company along with Nintendo launched the Pokémon Go app. It is a game for Android phones as well as the iPhones wherein the players try to catch as well as train the very special creatures named Pokémon. The APK downloader has been quite in demand since its launch.

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Augmented reality is what makes Pokémon Go APK game very special. In the game, the Pokémon’s will appear as though they have been identified in the real world. The game makes use of a map which is powered by GPS. The Pokémon’s can be located using the real world location and you can even add to your collections by collecting the items.

When you locate a Pokémon, the game accesses the camera of your smartphone and thereby gives you a view of the Pokémon in our world. You can flick your Poké ball to catch the Pokémon once you have spotted them.

In addition to catching the Pokémon’s, the Poké Stops are available wherein the stops to pinned to real world locations where the players can pick the items. The location can be a landmark or even a grocery store which can render itself as a Poké stop. As soon as the Pokémon’s are trained, the players can take their Pokémon’s to gyms to defend the gym or battle against other gyms. Grab hold of the APK downloader for an impeccable gaming experience.

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Looking back at the previous week, the following things have been learned.

  1. Players have been exercising the whole time during the play: As the game requires you to exploit the nearby surroundings i.e. pools, parks, landmarks to capture the Pokémon’s, the players are walking a lot. Many players have commented to have spent their longest walk due to the game just to catch a Pokémon. Therefore, one can easily comment on the health benefits you can obtain from the Pokémon Go.
  1. The Pokémon’s are actually everywhere: The bathrooms have come out to be quite a popular place to catch the Pokémon. Apparently few of these Pokémon’s can be found in the clubs.
  1. You can appear looking extremely weird while looking for a Pokémon: this very scenario can be seen while looking out for Poké Stops in random places. By using the GPS, players will be searching the landmarks to either pick up the items or even to try and capture few Pokémon. This implies that you might be just wandering around a place to capture few Pokémon’s. Just imagine you doing the same in random places, like in front of your neighbour’s house or in front of a pool.
  1. There are quite a few interesting Gyms as well as Poké Stops: For some reasons, malls as well as Churches are quite the popular place to spot and capture a Pokémon.
  1. Catching a Pokémon might turn out to be a bit dangerous: Capturing few Pokémon’s sounds like fun. However, a player found a body with face down while trying to capture a Pokémon. Sometimes, even the Police stations can serve as a Poké Stop, so you might want to follow some precautions.

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