6 Tips on How to SEO Optimize Your Video


Video content is becoming more popular than text content on the web. With most of the keyword you search, you can almost always see relevant video content ranking first in the search result. If you can get your video ranked in the search result, you will surely be getting more highly converted visitors. To get your video included in the search engine result, you need to perform some SEO optimization.

Do Research on Keyword

People can only find your video when they enter a search term that matches some text in your video title, and description. Therefore, if you want people to find you, you must optimize it with a targeted keyword. The YouTube platform is saturated with a lot of competing videos same to your niche so you should be targeting on a low competition keyword.

Optimize the Video Title

The title you give to your video helps the search engine to understand the video content. This is why you should incorporate the relevant keyword in the title. You have 55 – 60 characters to craft the title so do your best in crafting a concise title that explains the video clearly. The video title should have at least 5 words. It is best to put the targeted keyword at the beginning of the title.

Optimize the Video Description

The description is optional but you should not leave it blank. Including a description will give your video a better chance of getting found it is indexed by YouTube and Google. You should write a lengthy description that is at least 250 words and repeat the targeted keyword in it naturally for 3 – 4 times. You can include any URL in the description, not just the URL that you link on your YouTube profile. The URL is best included at the start of the description or mentioned in the first few sentences. 

Create a Video Thumbnail

You need to optimize the thumbnail because it is the first things that people see and it influences them on whether to click through to watch the video. The thumbnail should be enticing and relevant to the content of the video. You can use minimum text like 2 – 6 words that form one line in the thumbnail. The best is to don’t use too much text, after all, the picture is the main thing that attracts people into clicking through. The thumbnail must have the correct dimension so that it won’t get distorted when you upload it. The recommended dimension is 1280×720 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Make a Video that Has Audio

A movie is not supposed to be quiet showcasing only pictures; it is supposed to have picture and audio together. Therefore, adding a voiceover makes your video a more proper movie to share on YouTube, which helps it to get a higher score on search engine ranking. In case the video editor you use does not recognize your original audio file, you can always use a video converter program like Movavi Video Converter to convert it first to a supported format before incorporating it in the video. For example, the WMA file is often not recognized in some video editors. In this case, you can use the video converter software it to convert the WMA to MP3.

Add a Full Video Transcript

You can also consider adding a full video transcript to help the search engine understand your video. The video transcript is a written version of what the speaker is saying in the video. The transcript can be included directly in the description box or you can incorporate upload it as a subtitle file so that it will display at the bottom when the video play. You can do your keyword research along with using the Google keyword trends tool to determine the keywords that people are currently searching for.

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