6 Ways For Tech Geeks To Keep Up With Modern Adjustments To Technology


You’re a self-proclaimed tech geek. You love all things electronic, coded, and streaming. You also need to keep up with the technology Jones’, so to speak, and that’s a tougher job than it used to be. Versions 2.0 are now 10.1, 10x, and beyond. Things are tinkered with, improved, and re-released. Sometimes things are tinkered with, not improved at all, and still re-released. Between figuring out what works and what sucks, you have to adjust not just your devices but your skillset.

6 Ways For Tech Geeks To Keep Up With Modern Adjustments To Technology

Streamline Your Devices

You probably had two tablets before it became popular to have one. You probably have kept a particular version because you prefer how the touchscreen integrates with certain programs. But are all of your devices synched?

Between your smartphone, tablet(s), laptop, and desktop, you have a lot of different operation systems. What if you’re working on a document on your desktop, then you have to fly? Your laptop is safely stowed under the seat in front of you, so you bust out your tablet. Wait, you didn’t synch your tablet with your desktop? No good. Prevent this from ever happening and streamline all of your devices.

Use Password Manager

If you have a lot of devices, synched or not, you inevitably have to use a lot of passwords to open them. Don’t use the same password for everything. You risk getting hacked and the major complications that come with it. Instead, use a password manager program.

Stay On Top of Your Upgrades

Everyone is guilty of hitting the Not Now button on a system upgrade. Your upgrades collect in a queue. Then the awful day comes when the program you’re running won’t run any more. You missed a critical upgrade. Now you’re wasting an hour, or more, upgrading everything. Fight through your sheer laziness and upgrade before it’s inconvenient.

What about your own upgrade? Most tech geeks stay abreast of current affairs, but reading tech blogs and Wired isn’t the same as getting an education. If you find that your own ‘operating system’ needs an upgrade, consider an electrical engineering degree.

Manage Your Storage

Most tech geeks are good about backing up their files. With the Cloud, that back-up just became a whole lot easier. However, the day might come where you don’t have enough storage in your external hard drive(s) or you don’t have internet access to store your data in the Cloud. Uh-oh. Stay vigilant of how much storage you have on both external hard drives and the Cloud at all times. Your awareness will help you anticipate data storage issues well in advance.

Consider a Return to School

With technology and the way things work constantly evolving, returning to school can be a great way to help you keep up with modifications happening to everyday gadgets and methods. There are several different fields you can consider from new media, engineering, and many others. If you don’t have time for a return to school, consider an online program like the Ohio University online master’s in electrical engineering program.

Scan for Viruses, Rescan, and Rescan Again

During your feverish pursuit of new electronics, you might skip a very, very important step: scanning for viruses. Just because a device is brand-new, doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to a virus. Protect yourself and scan everything, twice. Or more.

The tech world continues to gain momentum with vast changes to modern day technology and methods. As you try to keep current with the ever-changing adjustments to technology, review these helpful tips to keep you up to date.

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