7 Reasons Why Online Games Are Good


You might not have heard any good things about online games yet, so just get prepared to hear for the first time, that online games can actually be good for you.

Yes, you heard it right, however much of it actually depends on the games you choose. In general, these games can improve your leadership qualities, teach you how to make strategies and get along with a lot of people that are having totally different backgrounds and mentality.

Oh, and yes, these games are entertaining too, so whether good or bad, it is a great way to pass boring time.

1) Multi-tasking – Most online browser based games loads easily on the web browsers. They can easily be minimized while work is pending on your other window, however when there are no work and you have some free time, why not play that game quickly – one just have to maximize the game window. It is pretty easy to balance work and play this way.

2) Supplement – Supplementing a game when there is too much work pressure helps your mental health in many ways. Five to ten minutes of a game break is much better for your mental health and will recharge your brain cells enough to work for long hours in the office cubicle.

3) Time Pass – Just can’t resist throwing this point across, online games are great time pass. So, cut your boring time and have fun.

4) Leadership – Most online games that have the role playing capabilities need much more organizational skills to win the game. This type of games requires a leader to organize the rest of the team and keep them united. Thus, such games teach a lot about leadership skills as without it, you can play but cannot win.

5) Team Work – From the previous point, leadership is one side of the coin, team work is the other. A game of such type will need planning, defending, and target analysis. The entire team has to contribute and each will have a role to play. This type of game teaches a lot about team work.

6) Persistence – Winning and losing are always part of the game. Some you win, others you lose, and yet some others where you come close to winning and still manage to lose… the point is, the target could just be a bit further away and one will really need to persevere to make the final win.

7) Concentration – Many online games requires a good deal of concentration to make it big. You might have seen those high scores, they are huge numbers and not everyone can reach near those, let alone beat them. So how do some people score such numbers while others do not even near them by a long shot?

This is where concentration comes into play, like in real life, so in the game, if you are playing for winning, the game will require your full and undivided concentration.

These are just a few benefits of playing online games. Whether you learn something from the game you play, or not, it will no doubt give you some time to relax and get the mental peace back. Give yourself some free time and enjoy and online games.

About the Guest Blogger – Uttoran Sen is a freelance writer and a self proclaimed expert in online gaming. His recomends mario games as it is his all time favorite.

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