7 Weight Loss Apps To Help in Your Weight Loss Endeavors


Track your calories, watch your food pattern and keep a record of your weight through special weight loss apps. Designed to provide easy management for people on a strict diet and weight loss routine, these apps are pretty helpful for weight watchers. From calorie count of restaurant foods to personal weight maintenance diaries, these apps strive to make life easier for you. Here are seven apps that some of my friends have tried and appreciated, and they keep receiving excellent reviews from users all over the world, hence regarded as the top apps for the purpose.

7 Weight Loss Apps To Help in Your Weight Loss Endeavors

1). Restaurants & Weight Watchers – Restaurant Food Calorie Counter

An Apple as well as an Android based app, this one tops the chart of weight loss apps and it is designed to provide users with the calorie information including carbs, fats, and protein of food items coming from over 200 restaurants and brands. This is ideal if you want to know the fats and calorie included in a MacDonald’s Chicken Burger or KFC’s Fried deals! With menus, information and new restaurants added on regular basis, this is one app that you would love to carry around. You can try the app for free in a limited version and if satisfied, purchase the whole version for just $3.99.

2). Lose Weight – Audio Meditation

Feeling de-motivated? Buy the Lose Weight audio meditation app and you won’t be craving for that yummy chocolate cake anymore! Functioning more like a hypnosis tool, it helps you to de-stress and get into a relaxing mode leading to a peaceful sleep, and diverting your attention away from making food mistakes that might cost in shape of weight gain. Though some people have found the app to be more of deep sleep hypnosis, many have found it helping them stop binge eating or making common eating mistakes.

3). Noom Weight Loss Coach – Your Digital Trainer

The app is a digital coach that tells you the exercises and activities that you have to do regularly to lose weight. It also keeps a track record of all the tasks done and grades you according to how well you have performed. The world’s leading nutritionists and experts have shared their information and ideas during the making of this app, so you can expect to get a professional digital weight loss coach that does the job.

4). Diet Point – Managed Diet Plan

Diet Point is designed to help you manage a regular diet plan. This app is the largest database of diet plans that you can use throughout the weight loss routine. It also helps you keep a track of what you eat, the calorie counts, and how you have managed to keep the calories off. You can connect with thousands of members and discuss issues through the weight loss forum.

5). Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary – Your Personal Weight Journal

Need to keep track of the food you eat? Then install the Ultimate Weight Watcher and keep a record of calories consumed and activities conducted. The app has a food value based plan that includes protein, carbs, fibre and fats. It even has calorie count database of over a million barcode scanned items. It has a listing of more than 180 restaurants of the USA and UK along with a meal maker solution to guide you towards healthy meals.

6). Libra Weight Manager – Simple Weight Loss Recorder

This new app is great for anyone who wants to keep a simple digital recorder of their weight loss endeavors. Amongst the leading popular apps, Libra Weight Watcher has an easy data entry interface with options to calculate and record BMI, weight goal, daily calorie intake as well as a proper diet plan that will affect weight loss.

7). How To Lose Weight – 25 Videos To Watch

Tired of all the reading and tracking? Then its time you switch to watching 25 videos that will help you understand basic weight loss strategies and solutions. Equipped with advice, facts, tips and diet plans along with foods to avoid, this app is just perfect for getting a basic, no nonsense understanding of weight loss and the affects of food and diet. Buy the app for just $4.58 and enjoy the series of videos!

With these apps installed on your Smartphone, losing weight will definitely be a tad easier for you!

Joelein writes for a Lean Cuisine diet blog that offers lots of lean cuisine diet information and lean cuisine coupons.

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