8 Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Over In-House Personnel


Making the decisions for your digital marketing campaigns can be a challenge. Whether to hire a digital marketing agency or in-house marketers is not all about the price, but you also need to consider the efficiency when looking for a local marketing agency. Here’s the top benefits of outsourcing a digital marketing agency over in-house personnel.

8 Benefits Of Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency Manchester Over In-House Personnel

Eight Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing to a Professional Agency

  1. You Can Avoid Paying Full Time Salary of In-House Marketers

It can be expensive to pay for the wages for marketing professionals. For example, the salary of a mid-career digital marketing manager could be as high as £46,000 per year while a social media manager should be paid about £33,000. Of course, you also need to hire a web designer, content writer, SEO specialist, and a graphic designer. Hence, the total cost of hiring a full-time digital marketing department could be as high as hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Also don’t forget that you also need to pay their healthcare benefits, training expenses, paid leaves, as well as lost efficiency during sick days.

  1. Leverage More Digital Marketing Expertise for a Single Fee

A marketing agency offers more benefits beyond marketing. You will have access to professional content writers, social media managers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and web design professionals. It may pose a large risk to entrust your digital campaigns to new hires. Digital marketing experts can be difficult to find, and it may take years before you can find people who are skilled, passionate, and reliable for your business. More often than not, digital marketing agencies have already built their best team, so they can be more productive and efficient when it comes to managing your campaigns.

  1. You Can Gain Access to the Best Tools and the Latest Technologies

Digital marketing tools can increase productivity, efficiency, and performance. Certainly, there are available tools that you can use for free, if you know where to find them. But usually, these tools offer limited use. When you work with a marketing agency, you can gain access to premium services, data reports, and software.

  1. Maintain Productivity among Your Current Staff

There are companies who try to get around getting in-house digital marketers, by delegating the job to their current staff. But forcibly assigning the marketing burden into your current staff will only decrease productivity and increase the likelihood for people to feel overwhelmed. Moreover, your marketing campaigns may not have the consistency if your existing staff don’t know what to do.

  1. You Can Avoid the Training Cost

There is no need to spend time and money training people from a marketing agency. This aspect is usually taken care by the agency, so their personnel are already experienced, qualified and armed with the right knowledge and skills to manage your digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Easily Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

With conventional in-house process, the surest way to increase your productivity is to add more people. Digital marketing agency Manchester already has a pool of professionals, whom you can easily request to be included in your campaign if you are planning for a bigger strategy.


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