8 Ways To Get Out Of Going To Work


Going to work can get pretty old sometimes. There are something that you might want to do instead of going to work. If you absolutely need some excuses to leave work?whether it be to take a day off, or do something fun?take a look at these excuses to help you get out of a day of work. Just be careful, you don’t want to use these excuses too much or your boss will be skeptical of you!

1. Your neighbor calls you to tell you that your water pipes broke. Your basement is flooding. You should probably leave ASAP so that you can take care of the problem. You might have to stay an extra day off so that you can fix the problems with your pipes.

2. You’ve got a pet emergency. It doesn’t matter what animal. If your boss loves cats, they you should probably go with a cat emergency. Your boss with sympathize with you and there’s no question that they’ll let you go.

3. You have food poisoning. No one can test you for food poisoning. Most likely your boss will want you to go home and sleep it off. No one in the office wants you to have any emergencies with your case of food poisoning. Make sure that you don’t blame the food poisoning on your boss’s favorite place to eat though.

4. You have a serious case of diarrhea. Everyone will be really embarrassed for you, and they will want you to leave. Plus, you can even extend your bout of diarrhea for a couple of days. People won’t want to talk about it, and they’ll leave you alone.

5. Your car broke down. If you wake up and you seriously don’t want to go to work, call your boss and tell him that your car is broken down and the tow truck is taking forever. It will show that you are trying to fix it, and they won’t get mad that you get to work late.

6. Your cousin went into labor?and you are the only one that can take your cousin. This is a great one to use because most likely, your co-workers don’t know your extended family.

7. You chipped your tooth. Oh no! Make sure that none of your co-workers haven’t seen you yet, or your story will be shot!

8. If you are a woman and you have a man boss, tell your boss you’ve got “women problems”. He won’t ask you any questions.

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