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0 (Formerly is a social networking company that started in acquisition with and Jeffery Tinsley established the organization in the year 2002. The same year he met his wife during the high school reunion program and the program and this sudden meeting influenced him to start with an organization like this. Jeffery started this website with the motto so that old friends, lost loves and family members, staying at distant places, can be in touch always. It is now one of the many popular social networking sites that is being used by million of people across the world.


My Life incorporation is a privately owned company and the investors invest total 1.4 million of dollars every year. Angel Financing reports this investment by the company. Investors are Jeffrey Tinsley himself, who founded and owned the He was also the CEO of that organization and at present is holding the same position for Reunion.Com. Other investors are Richard Rosenblat, who is both the founder and CEO of Demand Media, and was the former chairperson of MySpace. CFO of iMail and the present CEO of eForce Media, Mrs. Andy Mazzerella is also one of the investors for this organization.
Email facilities:

Users or subscribers of My Life have the authority to gain access to all of the email addresses available at the free e-mail account of Reunion. The renewed e-mails will then be use to add more members to the site and to increase its visibility and the status of the users. The users remain the same, only different parts of the email and the sender address is changed to solve the purpose. The changes are done to make others feel that it has been originated from the same person who subscribes it. This practice however has affected the lawsuit of the organization.


Since its journey began, My Life has met several success. Within five years from when it started, reached the position to claim itself as the 6th ranking social networking site. Then it had almost 28 millions of users and the company claimed that every moth almost 1 million of new users was subscribing the site. Most of the users were from Canada and United States. In 2007, it was the 7th ranking site in US with 10.8 million new visits every week.

In April of the same year, the owners of the company made an announcement that from now onwards profiles of Wink’s people will be available at the site, as it has signed a deal with Wink. Then in august the company signed another deal with ZoomInfo to offer the business related information of the company through the site.

Model Of business:

The company My Life develops its business models according to revenue earned from advertisements and paid subscription of the site. The company also makes use of the contest generated by users to prepare its business model. Almost 90 percent of the total revenue earned by the company comes from advertisements and paid subscriptions as it has million of subscribers.

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