A Disturbing Look At The Potential Future Of Digital Eyewear


With the tech industry abuzz with talk about Google’s Project Glass, augmented reality eyewear looks likely to be one of the next big things. There are already a number of companies working on high tech glasses and contact lenses, which could potentially change the way we interact with the world. While it’s still early days for this technology, over time it is likely that it will be developed to perform more functions and become more integrated with our lives.

One of the key questions which arises from all of this is to what extent augmented reality eyewear should be incorporated into our lives. Project Glass and other forms of futuristic eyewear understandable cause much excitement, but they also require consideration.


The Benefits of High-Tech and Augmented Reality Eyewear

There is no doubt that there are many benefits to be had from high-tech eyewear and augmented reality. One potential use is for monitoring health, with high-tech contact lenses currently being designed to aid people who have diabetes.

At the same time, advanced eyewear can make navigation significantly easier as people don’t even have to read a map.

The ability to create an immersive experience will provide countless opportunities in education and gaming to name but a few areas.

The potential benefits have been covered widely elsewhere, so this isn’t really in question.

But Will it be taken too far…?

But as we use technology more and more, there is a danger that we will become too dependent on it.

A short  film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo as part of their graduation project for the Bezeal Academy of Arts, paints a rather chilly picture. Titled ‘Sight’, the futuristic film provides a glimpse into the life of a man who relies on augmented reality contact lenses for almost every aspect of his life. While the video looks at some fun applications of technology – such as the gamification of food preparation – it becomes increasingly disturbing.

The video continues as the man goes on a date, and he relies upon information relayed through the contact lens to direct the conversation and to research her. Perhaps the scariest part of the film is at the end, when his date is about to leave having discovered he was using an app to help him. At this point, he appears to use mind control to stop her leaving. While mind control may be a bit further away, overall the video presents a realistic look at how this technology can cross the line.

While advancements are always exciting, the unintended consequences should be considered in order to answer any ethical dilemma which may arise.

Jon enjoys blogging about technology. He works at Lenstore an online contact lens retailer in the United Kingdom that sells cheap contact lenses.

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