A Guide About Benefits and Implementation of Online PR


A Public relations strategy is a must of every organization. With cut throat competition in the present times, every company strives for survival. Every organization has to maintain good relationships with the media as well as the public. With everything and everyone available on the Internet, Online PR is the new big thing when we talk about marketing. A skilled public relations officer can easily monitor influences, trends and other factors on the Internet to design and develop unique content as well as an effective marketing plan. You can also monitor your competitors on the Internet without them knowing about it. Moreover, it is less time consuming and economical.

In this article, we will discuss how an Online or Digital PR agency benefits an organization.

Benefits of Online PR

1) Generates more traffic and therefore, sales may increase eventually.

2) Search engine optimization helps the customers to easily reach you.

3) Creates brand awareness.

4) Helps in building strong bonds with customers and long lasting relationships.

5) Provides a platform to easily communicate with public, media, shareholders, investors and other related parties.

Before an organization implements an Online PR program, there are certain things that need to be considered. An organization should not just focus on a single component. It should make sure that the program is a mix of all different variables so that all kinds of people can be targeted. Social networking should be given prime importance as most of the companies on the Internet are also present on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Moreover, proper search engine optimization measures should be taken so that people can easily access your website or blog. More traffic means more conversion rates. As a result, there are chances of sales.

Implementation of Online PR

A lot of different steps should be taken to implement an Online PR program. You should focus on taking an integrated approach rather than working on each step individually. Here are the steps that should be taken in order to successfully implement an Online PR program :

1) Blog – It is very important to have a blog linked back to your website. Most of the traffic on the Internet is generated through search engine optimized blogs. The content should be unique and different so that you get higher rankings when people search something related to your organization on a search engine.

2) Social media – Almost every person on the Internet has a Facebook or Twitter account. Presence on any of the popular social networking websites makes sure that you are connected with a wide customer base. Moreover, it also makes internal office communication easier.

3) RSS feeds – You should also sign up for RSS feeds by liking appropriate pages related to your organization. You can also join various groups so that people are connected with your organization.

4) Events – Finally, to implement Online PR, a Digital PR agency will invite people to your organization’s events as well as ask you to attend online events to which you are invited. This will help in bonding and building strong relationships.

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