A Review of Google Docs for Tablets


A Review of Google Docs for Tablets


Not too long ago Google Doc app for Android was introduced. The app was welcomed with open arms by all the users. The Google Doc proved very beneficial for the users who could access, edit and share the documents on the go. Recently, we have seen Tablet optimization which makes the app a lot more effective. People at Google have actually kept in mind the big screen of ipad in optimizing the tablets. Bigger screen has enabled them to introduce more columns and content to make the app better.

Features of Google Doc:

There are some features of Google Doc for Tablets that make it an absolute delight for the user. The innovation in the app has had a positive impact on its features. Some of the key features of Google Doc are:

  • The intelligent people working for Google have infused a new functionality into the app to make it look good on all sized displays. Making the display desirable for all types of screens was a big challenge for the people at Google and they responded not by creating a separate Honeycomb app but by injecting the functionality into the existing Google Doc app. The app therefore can easily accommodate three panels on all sized screens allowing you to view folders, documents and content of the Docs with ease.
  • With this app you can now preview the content on the right in Thumbnails. You can also tap the content to enlarge the preview for the ease in editing.
  • The good part about this application is that it is available in 46 different languages which is more convenient for people from different nationalities who want to use this app.
  • You can enjoy these features only if you have Tablets and at least 3.0 Android version.

To encourage more users to use this app Google has made it available for free at Android Marketplace. Google put special emphasis on the comfort of the users of their applications. All the applications are designed keeping in view all the minor details. Google Doc is an exciting app for all the android enthusiasts. You can even use it on your handset like iphone which is android supported.

Besides Google Doc. Android support other apps of Google as well. In fact, Google has developed apps for Android due to the popularity that this software has gained in the past few years. It would not be wrong to say that no one in his right mind would prefer Symbian over Android. Almost all the apps of Google are compatible with Android including Gmail and Google Calendar.

Therefore, if you have iphone or ipad you should definitely make Google Doc with tablets a part of your Android supported device without further ado. This app will make using Android fun for you and you will be able to enjoy your experience with android even more. The best part about this is that you can download the app free of cost which in itself is a motivating factor to encourage people to use this app.

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