A Review of the Panasonic V3 Video Camera


A Review of the Panasonic V3 Video Camera

If you are looking for decent professional performance at a competitive price the Panasonic V3 video camera more than fits the bill. While high definition cameras are all the present rage, this camera is still a very good choice.

What is worth noting about the Panasonic V3 Video Camera is the convenient operation and system flexibility the device offers. Despite a rather low profile design the viewing is good and the operator has enough space to work in. The camera is characterized by its lightweight alloy construction and high level of durability. The camera’s construction is compact and due to the lightweight structuring affords the user greater flexibility and mobility. It is noted for its easy hand held shooting ability. This color camera is portable, durable and well balanced. The optical system is rigidly aligned and constructed with a die cast body. The exterior of the camera is made of metal and provides RF rejection.

The optical system functions through the use of a middle index prism that provides high performance. It is easy to operate and the Newvicon tubes provide 570 lines resolution and a low risk burn in rate. The Panasonic V3 Video Camera has a 5 inch studio view finder, full studio capabilities and is remote controlled, so it makes a good choice for professional shoots.

The main features of the Panasonic V3 Video Camera are the 570 lines resolution that provides a good image regardless of it being used by an amateur or a professional. It can perform well in low lighting. Filters that include conversion filters for color temperature are inbuilt in the camera. The zoom can be operated by a manual switch or an auto switch. The chassis is lightweight and holds all the automatic functions.

The camera can be used for NTSC output that is used in almost all VTRs. The viewfinder is a 1.5 inch one that can be tilted if required. Convenient viewing is possible through various adjustment features that have been provided. The view finder provides information about operating conditions and while the camera is being used, warning that are issued can be viewed on it.

Some of the other features that are included in the Panasonic V3 Video Camera include the electrets condenser microphone that is a side mounted, unidirectional one. Audio output is switchable and there is an audio monitor for earphones together with audio fade in/fade out effects. Under the professional auto functions, an auto white balance function has been incorporated, with a color temperature sensor. White balance in different settings is automatically traced and adjusted for the specific subject. You also have an auto white balance function that has been provided for amateur use. With two memory settings the operator can adjust balance for two types of lighting conditions.

Other functions like the auto beam and auto black setting help in getting quick and pretty accurate operation in different conditions and shooting modes.

On the whole the camera is easy to use and provides very good video footage through optimum use of its many features.

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