A Review of The Shoot for Play Station 3


A Review of The Shoot for Play Station 3

Sony has recently released a gun game that is actually child friendly enough to be played with or by your kids. The game is called, The Shoot, and amply so since it is basically centered around a movie set, where the firing and shooting is done at cut outs of villains and bad guys as opposed to virtual real people. If an innocent spectator is hit the director gets mad, and if he gets really irritated, he shuts down the set, which basically means game over. Overall, the graphics are also neat, very detailed and thorough, adding to the quality of every scene and constantly reminding you that you are in fact in a forged environment.

The Shoot has many levels such as Horror, Fiction, and Western etc. All are designed to match different genres of actual films. Other than this, special firing moves can be earned if a certain number of bad guys are hit continuously without missing. For instance, if you shoot at the ground, a sort of tremor or quake is triggered which results in the targeting of multiple enemies at once. Also, by spinning around a full 360 degrees, users can virtually play in slow motion so that aiming is easier and much more accurate.

The game is immensely fun, but one downside some players may feel is that each section can be completed in about thirty minutes, which means that the whole game can be finished in a couple hours, of course given that you’re an exceptional player. However, this shouldn’t deter you because The Shoot also offers a multi player mode called Score Attack or any level can be continued to play for additional points. Moreover, adding value to the game is the unlocking of bonus mini game on each level if all the portions of a film poster are found on it. Also some sections have some cool movement controls like leaning backward and forward in order to avoid incoming hits.

All in all the game is definitely fun to play, though the screen pointer is a bit slow, but it doesn’t take long to get used to.  The Shoot is full of small jokes and interesting moments that will keep any player interested. Its makeup shows that the designers enjoyed making the game and incorporating multiple ideas in it. Even though the game is short, all five movies are so fun and exciting that you would want to play each level again and again, and with a price of forty bucks, who’s complaining? It is totally worth it. For a greater time with The Shoot consider buying the gun attachment by Sony.

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