A Review of the Siemens SX66 Phone


A Review of the Siemens SX66 Phone

The public wanted a mini computer that doubled as a phone, they wanted to check messages and send messages – Siemens rose to the occasion to present us with the Siemens SX66. It is the third installment in the highly successful XDA/MDA pocket PC phone series. The addition of a mini keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA camera, SDIO slot, video recorder and 400 MHz processor quite ably round out the phone’s features.

With the Siemens SX66 you have all the capabilities of a pocket PC combined with the functions of a mobile phone. It fits comfortably into your hand as well as your pocket. Here’s the catch – if you buy the phone from your mobile phone service provider you cannot use another company’s services. In other words, using SIM cards from any other supplier is out! The phone is locked in with your service provider and refuses to recognize any other company’s SIM card. Don’t despair!

Just follow the guide provided in this article to unlock the phone and all will be well again. You need to use your computer to help you unlock the phone. Log on to your browser and find the program file xdadev_all_unlock-v1.5. Now download the file and save it to your computer, preferably the desktop for easy access. Once you have finished downloading and saving the file, transfer it to the Siemens SX66 by connecting the phone to the PC using a USB cable. When the transfer is successfully completed, you get a message informing you that your phone has been unlocked. It is that simple!

If you need further instructions you can log on to the internet to find a guide to help you resolve the problem.

The Siemens SX66 has regular functions that include making and receiving calls and sending and receiving messages. The messaging function makes your phone fully operational for MMS, SMS, email and instant messaging. The Wi-Fi function allows you to surf the internet while on the go because the inbuilt WLAN feature enables the phone to pick up Wi-Fi signals. The Bluetooth, USB and infrared port allows you to share data with either your own computer or with other computers and phones.

Other noteworthy features include the SDIO / MMC card slot that provides expanded storage options. The phone is equipped with a Microsoft Windows mobile OS (operating system) that enables the use of several office based applications on the phone. You can create presentations and documents on your phone, so basically you can work from just about anywhere when not in the office.

The Siemens SX66 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which provides 200 hours of standby time and approximately 4 hours of talk time. The keyboard on the phone is a QWERTY model with a slide to hide feature that allows it to slide neatly behind the screen when not in use.
The Siemens SX66 has a 400 MHz intel processor with 128MB RAM and 64MB ROM. The combined features of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lets you connect to GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks from the moment you unpack your phone.

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