Absolutely Awesome Product Designs!


Absolutely Awesome Product Designs!

The best product designs are often ones that take an everyday product and put a new spin on it. Examples can range from packaging designed to provide a literal interpretation of its product function, as well as products that disguise their original intent in creative ways. Product design is always going to be a field that attracts creatives who want to stretch the definition of form and function, and some of the best recent examples of this process demonstrate a sense of humour alongside great materials and functionality. The following list represents, in no particular order, some awesome product designs of recent years:

1 – Loaded Wallets

Designed to look like a roll of $100 dollar bills, this wallet is great for fooling people, but also falls back on high quality lining and materials to make it more than a joke present. A simple yet effective idea, the only downside would appear to be making your wallet more of a target for would be muggers.

2 – Flexible Phone Screens

A great idea for users who often find themselves breaking their smart phones, flexible screens are an idea that has developed across different manufacturers and phone designs, and looks to become a commercial reality in 2012. While Nokia made early moves into this market, Samsung have more recently translated concept prototypes into reality. Flexible screens means that the experience of using a smart phone, already enhanced by touch screen and voice recognition, can become even more of a tactile experience.

3 – iRetrophone Steampunk

One of many great docking station ideas, the limited edition iRetrophone Steampunk design uses a highly detailed, hand sculpted set to act as a hub for docking iPhones and USB sockets. The main attraction of the iRetrophone is clearly its detail, as well as its accessibility and functionality. Moreover, the dock even offers reduced radiation emissions. Currently sold out, but worth looking for purely for an appreciation of its design features.

4 – Fairytale Sheets

Another great yet simple idea, Fairytale Sheets basically involves bed linen with stories written onto them. The story continues as layers are removed from them. An excellent gift for children, Fairytale Sheets shows just how far strong design works to merge two bedtime activities to novelty effect. A few different stories are available.

5 – Bathroom Sink Aquariums

Who wouldn’t want to see tropical fish swimming around when brushing their teeth in the morning? This see through sink aquarium design might not be for everyone, but represents a great way of altering the normal look of a bathroom.

6 – Milk Packaging

A product packaging idea designed to literally represent the image, this carton is shaped into the words MILK, and contains the same dimensions as a normal two litre milk carton. One of many excellent designs shaped or referencing the look of a product itself.

7 – Bladefish Underwater Scooter

A clever variation on traditional scuba equipment, the Bladefish Underwater Scooter is precision designed to provide speed and comfort when pulling along underwater users. Although perhaps out of the price range of the average consumer, the scooter is simply designed around world class engineering.

Gadget fanatic Christina Appleworth looks as some of the best product designs of the 21st century. If you have a product design idea, talk to the experts at Applied Product Design for professional advice on design, production and taking your design idea to market!

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