The built-in weather App on iPhone is completely unsatisfactory. It’s shows the current condition about the lows and highs so its nice, but there is more need for an hourly forecast like for example about snow accumulation especially if you live with harsh winters such as like in Michigan. But ever since acquiring Accuweather for the iPhone the experience is more than happy. A search for the iPad’s cool weather Apps went on as when the iPad first came about it has no built-in weather App. But, during that time there is no native version of Accuweather in iPad. There’s two which is just OK. Then, here comes a native version on iPad which the Accuweather Inc. released of, of course in my home screen it instantly earned a spot right away. The old version is not just outmoded in this design but they made this App into a larger iPad display which is a great job indeed. In this you can put in as many locations as you like say for instance a weather tracker for your current location, and the graphics too are quite nice.

Many Ways to Look at the Weather

This App is fun to use actually which is the one thing truly admirable about it. For instance, just by dragging a finger around its dial, the interactive dial is the one on the very next screen for your chosen location, you will be shown a 24 hour period about the weather at any given time. Also there is an hourly weather update like in tv, a video stream for your location. A hurricane map about the current level of hurricanes/tropical storms are shown even the locations this is for Gulf Coasters.

There are other Apps for iPad of course, but if you’re looking for the best on weather Apps, this is the thumbs up favorite even if others are also good.

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