Alien Breed 2: Assault Game Review


Alien invasion is one of the oldest concepts in the book and to be honest, it never gets old. The thrill of ruthlessly killing the alien scums is immense. From the looks, Alien breed 2 is just an ordinary top down arcade shooter in which your main objective is to just survive and kill as many aliens as you can. But the game offers a lot more than this. Alien breed 2 is an entire new game keeping the traditional arcade view with it. Graphics are good, and I enjoyed the time I spent on it.

The gameplay is somewhat typical arcade style i.e. follow certain waypoints, save ammo for later use, activate switches to unlock doors etc. The story is clear, your ship is invaded by aliens and you have to get rid of them. As you explore the ship, you find hidden items like ammo, weapons, credit, etc. The credits can be used to purchase items or upgrade them, which give you an advantage over your alien friends. There are few moments in the game when the difficulty becomes really ridiculous and you die over and over again but this does not take away the fun of the game.

The graphics look quite good. This is not just an arcade game; behind this top down shooter runs the Unreal Engine which is seen in most modern games like Gears of War and Splinter Cell Conviction. If you have played Gears of War of Unreal Tournament before, some parts of the game might seem familiar. One thing I liked about the game was the flashlight illumination, which is rarely seen in Arcade top down games. And the waste material moves here and there as the ship rocks and the dead bodies of the enemy remain where they are. These small things make it an impressive game.

The game offers some unique Co-op levels and a survival mode so that when you finish the story mode, you still have something to do. Co-op can only be played online and has missions like the story mode which you can finish with your buddy. Survival mode, like other arcade games is a test of your skills where you have to defeat continuous waves of aliens till you die to make  high score record.

There are some technical issues with the game mostly involving the AI of the game which can be very annoying sometimes. The game saves checkpoints so that if you die you can start over from that point. But sometimes the checkpoints are very far which may cause trouble for some people.

Alien Breed 2 is an arcade game with quality graphics and features. The game is modern in all sense and still it didn’t completely abandon the typical arcade style which makes the game special. So if you’re up for some quality arcade entertainment, then this game is made for you.

The game is not only available for PC users but you can also enjoy it on Xbox 360.

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