American Broadband Is Relatively Fast


Although it has the highest number of broadband subscribers (66 million) the United States does not lead the world for broadband connection speed. That accolade goes to South Korea, which can boast an average connection speed of over 17.5 Mbps. However, many American netizens experience frustration as they seek to log on in Europe. Whether you are visiting Europe for business or travel, this article will outline tips and methods to help you log on during your continental travel.

Find a Coffee Shop for Fast Broadband Connection
Coffee shops have long been a refuge for those seeking reliable internet accesses. Although chains such as Costa and Starbucks invest in strong networks, smaller establishments don’t always have the same technological infrastructure. This can result in slow connection speeds when many people are logging on at the same time. Therefore, you should try to schedule your internet browsing for non-peak times and avoid overloading the system.
American Broadband Is Relatively Fast
Find an Airport for Reliable Broadband Connection
Airports typically offer strong broadband connections able to handle a large number of users. Munich airport, for instance boasts a connection speed of 3.6Mbps and Charles de Gaulle in Paris offers around 2.6Mbps. If you are expecting a large file download or important conference call you could consider spending an extra hour or so in the airport and making the most of their internet facilities. Most airports provide detailed information about their broadband offering on their public website.

Use 3G to Find Broadband Connection
The penetration rate of broadband in Europe is unprecedented; according to the International Telecommunications Union the Netherlands now leads the world in fixed broadband penetration (38.1%). Figures for mobile networks are rapidly catching up. You should keep your 3G mobile device switched on to detect whether there is a local connection available. Although in some cases users must pay for network access, it is often possible to take advantage of free networks. In addition, most countries now offer a prepaid service which allows you to connect directly to a network. Check to see which network is the most popular in your travel destination and check whether your service provider has a partnership. By continuing your existing plan it can be possible to reap savings and avoid the hassle of signing up to a new network.

Pack an Ethernet Cable
As strange as it may sound, the way in which a building is constructed can affect the wireless signal. Because thick brick and dense partitions can absorb and deaden electronic transmission, Wi-Fi signals can be hampered and broadband connection speeds can be noticeably slower in older buildings. In order to get around this problem you can pack an Ethernet cable to connect your computer when Wi-Fi signals become unreliable.

Use Broadband to Travel Unimpeded
Broadband usage in the US has tripled since this time a year ago. This has resulted in more people relying on broadband access to carry out their work, keep updated on developments worldwide and adjust their travel plans online. By following the steps outlined above it is possible to continue your online activities without too much interruption, enabling you to keep on the move without going off the grid.

Sam Jones, the author, only has cheap broadband but couldn’t live without it.

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