An Overview of the Things App for iPad


An overview of the Things app for iPad

Things is one of the best task management and To Do list organizers in the world. Sadly for Windows and Linux users, it is only available for Mac computers running Mac OS X, the iPad and the iPhone. But if you have one of these devices, then you should definitely give Things a try.

Cultured Code, the company that developed and maintains Things, has released a special version for the iPad, at about the same time the tablet itself was released. It is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen and higher resolution, and it’s optimized for better multi touch features.

Unlike many other task management tools, Things is a very balanced organizer that is both easy to use and very powerful. You can also easily sync the data between your Apple devices by simply leaving Things open on all of them while having the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter or even a cable connecting them. This is extremely useful when you want to use one app to manage all your tasks and schedule, and you don’t want to bother with a hard-to-use sync capability.

When you start Things on the iPad, you will see that it is able to work in both landscape and portrait modes, but it is most powerful in landscape. In this mode, you get a central screen with all your tasks and two side columns that display your categories and options (like Inbox, Today, Scheduled, Projects, etc.) and detailed information for them. The application is also very beautiful, and the animations are pretty cool, for example, switching between pages is accompanied by an animated page flip like the one in Apple’s iBooks app.

There aren’t many settings in the menu, but that’s actually fine, because you’ll probably never need to change them. You can basically adjust the Log, crash reporting and a few other minor settings that do not affect the use of the app at all. Some may find that a bad thing, but this app was created to make your life more productive, not give you more stuff to tinker around with instead of working :-).

Besides the usual create, edit and delete functions, you have the ability to bulk delete tasks, To Do items and projects, categorize and star the items and tag anything you want, which is extremely useful when you want to search for something inside your tasks or project quickly.

The home screen icon also comes with a badge similar to the ones in the App Store and mail apps, which shows you the number of tasks that require your immediate attention (i.e. those that are ending soon or have a reminder set for today). You can also specify the number of badges to be shown under the Settings tab.

One of Things most powerful features is its ability to use AppleScripts. With that, you can make the app do a lot more things, and automate most tasks, but for that you’ll need to have a good understanding of AppleScript and learn how to use all of its features.

All in all, Things is the best app for task and To Do list management you can get for your iPad. It is a bit more expensive than other similar products, but the features, stability, reliability and simplicity of use are worth it. If you still haven’t tried it, you definitely should go to the App Store right now and get it.

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