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The iPhone has been known for its standard design. Even as the first iPhone marched forward towards the iPhone 4S, the similar simple screen, home button and brick design has prevailed. What has been changed you ask? Aside from a few tweaks in the design of actual iPhone 5 cases, the primary change has always been perhaps its thickness. The iPhone has considerably slimmed down through the entire 6-year period that it had existed on this planet.

Now that we’re at another numbered version of the iPhone, we are yet again given an update on its thickness (or “thinness”). At 7.6mm thin, it is now 1.7mm thinner than the previous iPhone. Now, slimmer iPhones do not usually require newer cases, but it might be interesting for you to know that there are cheap and affordable iPhone 5 cases out there are quite optimized for this new “thinness”.

Belkin Ease-Fit Armband
iPhone cases that are used to fit into the arms are very common, especially when so many of us use the iPhone for our regular fitness routines. With the Belkin Ease-Fit Armband, you can jog, run around, play sports, and even do your weight training sessions. Don’t worry about getting sweaty with it. It is made from a water resistant material, protecting your iPhone 5 from your own bodily fluids.

Griffin Survivor
Okay, training and fitness routines may be considered as hard work, but how about work that is even harder than that? For these kinds of situations, you’ll probably need the Griffin Survivor. This is the iPhone 5 case that you can use to protect your unit from most natural elements. If you’re going on a long trek away from civilization, you might as well pack up a few extra batteries, a solar charger, and of course this cool protective case.

Cygnett WorkMate
It may be perilous to leave your iPhone unprotected from rough training or the elements, but it may also be perilous to leave it on certain less accident prone areas. You may not experience slamming the unit as you trip from a rocky ledge, but an officemate accidentally hitting and dropping it can be just as worse. With the Cygnett WorkMate, this problem is solved, as its thick rubberized layer can protect the unit from drop impacts. They’re also equally stylish, available in a variety of different colors.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy
You’re using iPhone 5 cases more for added function than added protection, then let us recommend to you the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy. The concept for this iPhone case isn’t really original, but if you’re someone who types into your iPhone like crazy, then having the solid QWERTY keyboard of this iPhone case can help you speed up your typing sessions. This gets zero points for protection though, so use it carefully (dropping the iPhone 5 on its back side might help save it though).

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