Apple Updates Remote Application for iDevices


Lately, Apple has released an update for its widely used Remote Application for iDevices. The latest updates which Apple has incorporated include compatibility with iTunes 10, compatibility with Apple TV and a native iPad Support. The new version of the App is called as Remote 2.0 and it is updated for all the iDevices.

The latest Application Remote 2.0 provides a totally redesigned User Interface on iPhone and iPod to show the changes to the users. The new updated application also adds support for the Retina Display which is a new feature in iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Fourth Generation.

The iPad version of the Remote application is almost same as iTunes 10 as far as User Interface and looks are concerned, especially when viewed in the landscape mode. The App incorporates same playback controls, search fields and status windows as one can see on the iTunes itself.

The new version also has the exclusive AirPlay control for volume as brought in the new release of the iTunes. Moreover, it also contains an option to control and access Shared Libraries on the iTunes Software and the Apple TV.

Remote App is available for free download from the Apple App store. This new version of Remote App can also utilize the feature of iTunes Home Sharing, which will allow the users of the iDevices to add iTunes and Apple TV 2G libraries to their destination hardware.

As far as display domain is considered, App has indeed an eye catching display and makes it easy for the users to control iTunes and music playing on the Mac or PC. iPad version of the App has an amazing User Interface; for better viewing, use landscape mode. As it is compatible with all the iDevices so it’s a Universal App and the users already having this App can get the free update.

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